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Successful development tries Shandong radical heart knitted Coolmax and Lyocell

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Sign up for a report according to spin, successful development tries limited company of science and technology of zoology of Shandong radical heart knitted Coolmax and Lyocell fabrics of sex of two kinds of functions.

Coolmax fabric has breathe freely admirably, moisture absorption and guide sweat function, special softness, frivolous, OK skin of eduction of body heat energy, drop temperature thereby, it is the ideal fabrics of dress of Chun Xia season. Turn as climate warm, predicting market level will appear sell like hot cakes.

Lyocell fabric is puissant tall, have good plasticity, comfortable sex, drapability and elegant quality. The product coloring performance of this company is good, lubricious prison spends softness of tall, feel, it is the first selection fabrics of female love the United States.

Xu Gongen

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