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Day trade rolls out plant fiber fabrics

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Company of Japanese manufacturer Takihyo rolled out cloth of all sorts of natural plant fiber, cause consumer attention.

Takihyo uses the fiber that Bai Song makes, have a wet rate tall, not easy shrink, be able to bear or endure the characteristic with wash a gender good; The fabric that soja fiber makes has the burnish of the feel of cashmere fabric, silk and very good permeability and heat preservation sex. Besides, takihyo still rolled out the fiber with algal 爲 raw material and the paper fiber that make with abaca.      

Another Japan company thes capital of a country Ji Zhong rolled out the Lrakusa fiber that nettle makes and paper fiber, this company plans to roll out the material that interweave these two kinds of fiber and cotton, hemp, 3 acetate fibber and becomes in Chun Xia season.

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