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Germany develops knitting interval fabric successfully

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Institute of spin of graph forest root developed Germany to have the knitting interval tissue of special protection function. They use double needle bed to help the aircraft that abandon Er, choose optimized blending fiber, get together among them fat, stick glue and gauze of flame retardant Nomex fiber blending and fragrant black silk ribbon adds 100 % pick up the raw material that gauze is this product.

To ensure favorable adiabatic result, the two surfaces construction of fabric is tight. Add the fragrant black silk ribbon that pick up to be able to make removed yarn, in order to maintain the span between gorge layer. Line of three-dimensional knitting heat insolation makes the promotion of heat proof quality of fabric very fast. This kind of fabric besides providing safety action, the physiology of dress and comfortable sex are very important also, when human body perspires discontinuously in great quantities, fabric prevents damp to be accumulated in skin surface in the micro climate between dress and human body, form amortize ability namely, also assured to wearing comfortable sex admirably at the same time.

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