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Fleecy sweatshirt of Shi Yang of delay of small capsule of tea tree oil comes ou

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A few days ago, by the oil of classics tea tree of research and development of Inc. of cashmere of Beijing snow lotus delay of SP small capsule commentate technical divisions manages " Xue Lian " card cashmere sweater, passed the technical attestation of international Wool Secretarian formally.

According to agency of Beijing of international Wool Secretarian chief delegate Li Shaoping introduces, will have disinfection, fight bacterium, fight infection, slow the skin is sensitive the tea tree oil that waits for distinctive function uses small capsule " wrap up " rise, and " weld " go up in fine cashmere fiber, the distinctive function of tea tree oil is released in the process that makes cashmere goods is being worn thereby, this is in the sense organ of advanced position to know technical SP on the world at present namely.

Occupy reporter understanding additionally, be in early 16 centuries, australian person arrived with respect to cognizant of tea tree oil magical. From now on, the medical treatment effect with fat to natural tea tree people had much research. Consider to make clear, tea tree oil has disinfection, fight bacterium, fight infection sex. An independent test orgnaization of Hong Kong allows AATCC 147 according to American mark - the yarn fabric that 1998 tests method contains tea tree oily SP to handle to the course undertakes function detects fighting bacterium. Detect the result makes clear, the yarn fabric that passes processing has the apparent effect that fight bacterium.

The personage inside course of study points out, inc. of cashmere of Beijing snow lotus rolls out the SP patent technology of attestation of classics international Wool Secretarian first times in cashmere industry, broke the situation that cashmere and even development of yarn fabric high-tech and applied lack taste newly. This technology applies extensively in the cashmere product that lacks innovation, be sure sweep " tornado of economy of experience type consumption " , also be sure to be continuously low the vitality with confused market new infuse. And SP technology is in to whole spin industry while respect of application of development of functional sex fabrics, new and high technology rose to promote action, still will create a new commercial good opportunity for spin garment industry.

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