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Underwear of heat preservation of warm card cashmere is about to come out

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One pair of dark all round is killed in media last year " Philistine " -- , " warm card " and " cashmere " , in a few scientists " the month is old " match to the utmost this year actually accident ground " union " was in one case. This year in October, a pair of their twin -- , in underwear of warm card of division cashmere warm card and abb comes out formally.

A major issue produced in domain of dress of Chinese heat preservation last year, it is high-tech material " warm card " come out and big fight of the warm card that after this makes snafu and cashmere. In October 2002, the the Chinese Academy of Sciences announces as well-known as home company makes fibrous of domestic heat preservation jointly brand of the first technology " warm card " . Because warm card reachs his,relevant technology has world banner place in domain of heat preservation material and cause global wide attention quickly. It is reported, "Warm card " it is achievement of a when win first prize of progress of science and technology of Chinese Academy of Sciences great scientific research, it is classics of all previous of Chinese Academy of Sciences " 85 " , " 95 " plan, tens of expert the investment of 15 years of painstaking effort, count experiment, cost number to ten million is developed and be become. Its warmth retention property, permeability, guide wet sex, healthy sex, close skin sex and stretch respect, exceeded the mankind's foregone fiber in the round. Some large underwear enterprise joins group of the family in the Chinese Academy of Sciences and country the underwear of warm check of the nearly 800 thousand family in covering that make is experimental put in the market, inside short time by scare buying one sky, appeared because of infrequent out of stock in the occur for the first time of almost all big market of and other places of Beijing, Heibei the client queues up to buy white a phenomenon. However, because appeared to have in material of relevant conduct propaganda " compare ad " the statement of suspicion -- , " warm card is warmer than cashmere 21 % " , cause dissatisfaction of enterprise of domestic numerous cashmere, bilateral before long " resort to arms " , evolve quickly to be in media " congress battle " , all but was on a court.

Later, in relevant personage match below, bilateral delegate had be contacted face-to-face and communicate, also realised the advantage of the other side each other, let finally " warm card " and " cashmere " union arrived one case. In the chief Zhao Jiang of family warm check points out, the war also brings civilized progress really sometimes, no matter be underwear of warm card of underwear of cashmere warm card or abb, its taste photograph, feel, easy measurable, warmth retention property all surmounted cotton to add warm card underwear considerably, this is a marvelous breakthrough, it is the accident surprise that big fight of warm card and cashmere brings to consumer.

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