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Japanese Dong Yang is spun lead spin to taste development newly

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To enhance the international competition ability of the enterprise, japanese Dong Yang spins a company to took the lead in adopting new strategy, they pass the method such as new product of integrated production, sale and development to change industrial strategy. Taste a respect newly in development especially, dong Yang spun a company to had been obtained not the achievement of common, the feature of its high-tech content, make acclaim as the peak of perfection of international spin industry, show introducing just a little.

Fiber of pottery and porcelain

The fiber make it that Dong Yang spins a company to will contain particle of pottery and porcelain fiber of sex of another kind of function, prevent ultraviolet fiber namely. This kinds fight ultraviolet fiber product, had become the new heat of Japanese spin industry this year. This kind of fabric basically uses as the industrial articles for use such as dress and tent, solar umbrella, especially summertime female outfit, female socks, coverall, kit, demand is very considerable. Dong Yang spins a company to still enter mix into of powder of pottery and porcelain polymer in, spun copy real silk adds up to fine Esporch newly to have cool feeling. Particle of this kind of pottery and porcelain can be absorbed and reflex the electromagnetic wave of specific wavelengh area in sunlight, the 1 / that transmitance of its ultraviolet ray is common cotton fabric only 10, the 1 / 4 of common dacron fabric. Make clothing with this kind of fabric, not only won't feel insolation, can have cool feeling instead. This kind of trend that suits fine fabric newly to continue to maintain growth in the cry lieutenant general that develops textile of high additional cost.

Get together inferior ammoniac ester fiber

Dong Yang spins a company to be developed successfully temperature limit is machined in amino acerbity fibrous, can finalize the design adequately get together inferior ammoniac ester ESPA-M, it is had finalize the design adequately below microtherm characteristic, make originally cannot the material of compound blending, if the blending of real silk and ammoniac black silk ribbon becomes a possibility. Abounded stretch fabrics breed thereby, machine because of microtherm at the same time, make another blending constituent reduces loss, acquired unprecedented soft move thereby, small amount feels, and dimension stability. ESPA-M is OK with natural fiber blending, tactility is comfortable, small amount, with dimension stability, be used extensively at underwear, sweater, be in with abb blending when, can use at coat of male and female, the filar socks that makes is frivolous and transparent, favor by the lady.

Y polyester filament

Filament of polyester of Y cross section, cross section shows a triangle, the circle is shown after the sericin is being wrapped outside sectional. The sericin in can imitating the catharsis process in real silk realistically by purify, final real silk is then sectional the process that is a triangle. The course is spun in the frit of polyester fiber in, if use opening of circular gush silk, what spin the fiber that make sectional show a circle. For imitated real silk, dong Yang is spun use the gush silk orifice plate with sectional triangle, spin make triangularly or the polyester fiber with 3 sectional blade profile, make the feel of fabric and burnish are improved greatly thereby, fabric exterior is general like real silk.
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