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China International Cashmere Trade Fair 2010 held in Beijing in November

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2010 China International Cashmere Trade Fair November 23-25 National Convention Center will be held in Beijing, the China International Cashmere Fair is designed specifically for the cashmere industry, from raw materials to finished products throughout the cashmere industry chain links of integrated business platform. It fashionable, for the purpose of promoting technological innovation, while allowing the world to understand the unique qualities of cashmere, so favorable for the global luxury cashmere.

Leading professional exhibition organizer CMP work with CFNA host the China International Cashmere Fair, CMP Group by virtue of the publicity and worldwide sales network, the accumulated experience of many years of mature exhibition organized for the exhibitors and audience to create the ideal platform for business negotiation and exchange of information, so that the China International Cashmere Fair a truly international professional exhibition cashmere business event, set for the international peer-quality, sustainable development, the industry benchmark.

The exhibition exhibits include: cashmere yarn, cashmere fabric, accessories, parts and raw materials, processing chemicals and dyes, production equipment and technology, cashmere clothing, cashmere fashion accessories and home products, fashion design, branding services.

Two highlights of the exhibition is the first time by the China International Cashmere Cashmere Quality Forum presents the 【】 and 【】 Sustainable Development Conference. Both activities are important industry associations and support leading enterprises, including the International Social Accountability Organization (WRAP) and Huntsman Textile Co., Ltd..

Among them, the forum to discuss the establishment of global standards of quality cashmere theme of the need to promote the industry on the quality of cashmere supply chain, manufacturing and quality improvement to reach a unified standard.

Conference on Sustainable Development will focus on sustainable development, fashion, cashmere industry and commerce of all-round.

In addition, the new look of the China International Fair for participants to reveal the high-quality cashmere wool's unique fashion trends and looking forward to season fashion trend. Including the color by the organizer and the French co-Chairman of the Committee, Mr. Oliver Guillemin held】 【global cashmere color display area.

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