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A Lashan " Hong Guyu forest " Yang Jielong of first Bai Rongshan is held again

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International is online message (be stationed in Sarengaowa of Wen Wei of Inner Mongolia reporter, A Lashan's stage reporter Wu Min) : A Lashan " Hong Guyu forest " section of first Bai Rongshan sheep and cashmere reveal communication to be able to be in recently A Lashan Zun Qi is upper Risumulong holds Ba Yanhong check again.
May is the season that cashmere harvests, have the honor to win Italian international cashmere wool " Chaigena " the A Lashan of award " Hong Guyu forest " goat of white fine hair, it is a of goat of Inner Mongolia white fine hair admirable strain, it is border area minority the main domestic animal that Lai Yisheng puts is planted, also be worldwide inside put only, the most primitive, did not pass any outside the place of hematic cross is thoroughbred, its downy character ranks first of world congener product, china and foreign countries is famed, the world admits in all. Its characteristic is downy slightness, colour and lustre it is good that good, clean cloth with soft nap leads performance of tall, spin, be known as " fiber is lapidary " " soft gold " .

Plant in this A Lashan the sheep reveals communication to be able to go up to overcome wood, Wuliji by earth, rise standard in, Ao Lun Buluge, do not stand, Ba Yanhong, play kind of sheep appraise through comparison have 80. The herdsman that check of day of Ao of brazilwood of day of Ba Yanhong pattern breathes out to be checked kind of ram of Home Sun Taoying, constitution and other sheep are done not have how old distinction, but caught 2.13 jins of fine hair however from its body, planting obtain in ovine match " ovine king " title. Sun Taoying says, can obtain this award today, the time that is a course a few years has improved result. Cashmere volume is not very high previously, namely 7, 8 2, through 6, 7 years reform the cashmere crop of each sheep breaks up now. Home Sun Taoying raises a sheep more than 300, year all produce fine hair 500 grams left and right sides, light is cashmere crop year income is more than 30000 yuan.

Brazilwood of day of Ba Yanhong pattern basically is the brazilwood of pure animal husbandry that gives priority to body economy with prairie stock raising, the number of domestic animals head of complete brazilwood achieves 180 thousand, among them goat of white fine hair is occupied 90% , the economic origin of population of 2300 much animal husbandry basically is goat of support white fine hair this industry. Complete brazilwood cashmere is average per unit area yield 400 grams, annual producible high grade cashmere 60 tons. To raise cashmere yield, brazilwood of day of Ba Yanhong pattern is right all herd door domestic sheep undertakes archives establishs card building entirely, mix for radiation drive entire alliance and even other area of Bai Rongshan sheep improved had positive effect. Deputy brazilwood of brazilwood of day of Ba Yanhong pattern amounts to He Yuxin to say, the center that brazilwood of day of Ba Yanhong pattern is goat of A Lashan white fine hair produces a division, bureau of classics country brand registered the trademark of stud stock 2000, namely big goat of white fine hair of Gu Yulin card. Through holding this after this activity, above all, should obtain propaganda paterial card, rise famous spent end; The 2nd, want to carry this activity, give heavy award to the stud stock that win a prize, e.g. first prize, bonus should achieve 5000 yuan of above, reform through weighing award to want to stimulate common people the enthusiasm of seed selection; The 3rd, after be being measured through raising high yield, achieve to reduce an amount, promote high quality goal. In the meantime, protect modes of life and relation to their environment to us, retreat herd to return grass, with grass calm cultivate rises to urge action.
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