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Round table of international cashmere industry is held

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Round table of international cashmere industry at Beijing is in during forum of cashmere of first China International people congress hall was held on April 13. Nearly 80 delegates of 31 enterprises that come from China, Italy, England, United States, Mongolia, Japan and our country Hong Kong attended the meeting. Delegate attending the meeting prepares to construct to belong to the same organization of international cashmere institute reachs consensus and sign memorandum, the job after holding water with respect to association at the same time carried out the problem such as strength to exchange a view.
Everybody thinks in discuss, below new condition, hold water can mix to health of world cashmere industry the international cashmere association that positive stimulative effect can go to since development continuously is very necessary. MichaelGHartley of chairman of company of path dark international all expresses SambuuDemberel of chairman of chamber of commerce of Mongolia nation industry and England special hold with establish international cashmere association, will give main support and cooperate. Other the establishing that the foreign industry that attend a meeting also expresses to will support international cashmere association actively entirely works. E Er just includes in much this, cloth with soft nap of snow of dimension letter, emperor 12 well-known companies express firm support in succession and will take an active part in association to work inside. After this, enterprise of 12 home cashmere and delegate of enterprise of 19 abroad cashmere are in " about establishing international cashmere association forgive memorandum " on sign, forgive memorandum to be done a bit in the opinion that offers according to everybody after editing, can save as the file. Each country participates in draft of virgin constitution of member firm put up with to undertake modification in a month, come opinion collect China chamber of commerce of imports and exports of food earth livestock, hand in sign by virgin member.

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