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Exposition of cashmere of international of the 12nd clear river introduces gold

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Stage of our newspaper Xing on September 26 report (Wei of reporter Wang Bing, Dong Anshun) it is fall valiant day, guests from all over the world gets together clear river. This morning, cashmere of international of clear river of the 12nd China and downy goods exposition are in garden of science and technology of cashmere of clear river international opens. Before coming from many 4000 domestic and international travelling merchant, will join meeting. Province leader Liu Dewang, Guo Gengmao, Zhang Shiru, Zhao Tie is experienced, hurried of trade of association of Chinese textile industry, China can meet the responsible comrade of Wu ministry reach Romania to ascend Bopeisiku Rang of head of a county of Bovey examine county to attend an opening ceremony.

Clear river is our country's biggest cashmere machines distributing center center, be known as " of Chinese cashmere " . In recent years, clear river is in treatment product holds domestic and international market first on the foundation of main position, develop property of cashmere deep treatment actively, outspread industry catenary, make gave the cashmere spin base with the whole nation and even the largest international.

Current exposition promotes association of textile industry of meeting, China, Heibei to save people government to sponsor by China International commerce, with " quality, sincere letter " give priority to a problem. On the meeting, cashmere dress makes assemble of card of the name of an article, concentration exhibited Chinese cashmere dress the cashmere goods of 45 10 names brand and place's well-known trademarks and equipment of relevant spin technology in all 5 old series 2000 many breed, predict to trade the forehead will amount to 3 billion yuan.

During exposition, clear river returns the good foreground of bigger to 57 dimensions, development project that enrol business to undertake centralized recommend and be issuanced. This morning, already 21 first projects held an autograph to arrange a ceremony, these projects cover the industry such as a replacement of cashmere, car, cotton spinning, the capital outside introducing region 2.33 billion yuan, the contract uses foreign capital 44.2 million dollar.

The go into operation that still held Heibei abstruse Lai to overcome the project of 7 joint-stock collaboration such as woolen limited company today lays a foundation, ceremony of practice cut the ribbon at an opening ceremony.

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