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China of goods of cloth with soft nap of flocks and herds - east alliance exposi

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First China -- east alliance exposition was held in Guangxi Nanning a few days ago. Reach subordinate by the hall of municipal business affairs, bureau that enrol business, tourism bureau delegacy ginseng meets the Tibet that 10 enterprises comprise. Health of limited company of company of industry of autocycle of Tibetan Mount Everest, car happy a horse, Yuta tastes company, municipality to hide pharmaceutical factory, emperor the enterprise such as downy products limited company attended company of agriculture of Lu Ke ability, Yi Sha to exhibit. The medical health care of my area is tasted, food of Tibetan medicine, green (edible oil, walnut oil) , the equipment such as goods of cloth with soft nap of flocks and herds gets attention, before having traveling trader of and other places of Indonesia, Japan, Singapore, will treat talk about acting matters concerned.

This intention of my division company exports consultative amount to amount to 1.34 million dollar on exposition, home saves amount of collaboration of area classics trade to amount to 1 million yuan of RMB.

As we have learned, since this year, china, east alliance exposition will be held at coulding there be every year in wide southwest in November.

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