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E Er report of round cashmere coal obtains Duosiji double bumper harvest

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From recently 7 when the group holds Duosiji duty generation meet E Er and 2 7 a know on acting meeting, be in a year of in the past, e Er Duosiji double industry of cable of round cashmere, coal develops simultaneously, production is managed and project construction obtains double bumper harvest.

2004, e Er crop of round annual cashmere sweater achieves Duosiji 6.69 million when achieve a record, include ferrosilicon sale, complete works group achieves sales revenue 4.3 billion yuan, profit tax 550 million yuan, brand value promotes 5.058 billion yuan, certain room cashmere kind product brand the first, and the China that be labelled by evaluation orgnaization provides an industry to lead force to reach one of 10 old brands that have development latent capacity most most; Project of electric smelt metal completes investment 1.42 billion yuan, accumulative total completes investment 1.885 billion yuan.

2004, e Er Duosiji cashmere sweater of the export inside the group always accepts the order the quantity breaks through 6 million, achieve the history again new tall, add 1.22 million completely than 2003, showed stronger accept the order and produce carry to prepare ability. Sale in domestic market cuts a point with rectifying order organizational system to be, inside management is farther aggrandizement, sale strategy is shown at the beginning of innovation effect, sale in domestic market answers a paragraph to achieve 1.142 billion yuan, and export market also is extended further, export amount increase sharply, annual carries on in all knitting kind order for goods 5.02 million. Committee of standardization of national cashmere wool is in E Er Duosiji is round hang out one's shingle hold water, technical center detects the expert evaluation that the lab approbates committee to organize through Chinese lab, the sale in domestic market inside year orders goods new material and functional product are occupied 93% wait for a series of achievement, made clear E Er Duosiji is round climbed new high point again in technical domain. In the meantime, business management is comprehensive, science is advanced, administration served efficiency to also get be optimizinged further. On coal report Gao Zaineng, each job is finished basically book a target, as we have learned, be in whole Inner Mongolia or China western area, with a force of the enterprise denounce endowment evens more the project project of the type of industrial garden area with one billion four hundred and ten million and sixty-five thousand four hundred and eight so large construction, e Er is much this Gao Zaineng project should be coal report rarely seen.

2005, e Er Duosiji's round target is: Achieve sales revenue 5 billion yuan, implementation profit tax 800 million yuan. Among them, cashmere industry, sale of major product cashmere sweater should achieve 6.3 million, predict 4 billion yuan to achieve sales revenue, profit tax 455 million yuan; Project of coal report Gao Zaineng, achieve sales revenue 1 billion yuan, profit tax 345 million yuan. Additional, e Er is much this plan according to circular economy mode and coal report is designed on whole of Gao Zaineng project, around this loop system build, around the deepness of resource of area natural gas development is used, e Er Duosiji is round considering cultivating industry of big chemical industry, form Gao Zaineng of report of cashmere, coal and big chemical industry to cooperate with stage by stage the industry of development, 3 sufficient tripartite balance of forces develops pattern.
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