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Forum of cashmere of 2005 China International will be held in Beijing

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Combine forum of sponsorred cashmere of 2005 China International by chamber of commerce of chamber of commerce of imports and exports of livestock of Chinese food earth and Chinese textile imports and exports will on April 12 ~ is held 13 days in Beijing.

At the appointed time, famous cashmere expert and economist attend the important cashmere travelling merchant on the delegate that will China is in charge of a branch, international and trade organization controller, China and foreign countries, wait for the heat that in developing to world cashmere industry, appears, difficulty, doubtful point the problem, reach health of industry of environment of finished products commerce, cashmere and the tentative plan that can develop continuously, new product to improving cashmere raw material especially the problem such as environmental protection of development of equipment of development, new technology and cashmere industry developing offers real knowledge and deep insight.

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