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Wool spinning of China International of countermeasure of competition ability of

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Report from our correspondent (reporter Jiang Guohua) face 2005 the arrival of times of textile garment free trade, if why industry of wool spinning of our country of period of the quota after discussing competes in increasingly intense market relay add maintains health to develop steadily, international of spin of guild of Chinese wool spin, China communicates central general on November 16 ~ is in center of Beijing international conference 18 days to be held jointly " wool spinning of 2004 China International develops the conference " .
Conference of development of China International wool spinning is founded 2002, it is the large international meeting that the domestic highest administrative levels, research that has authority most discusses current situation of trade of our country wool spinning and development, congress biennially is held.
This second congress will around " the development of period of the quota after advancing wool spinning industry actively to be in " theme, invite the leader of association of Chinese textile industry, commerce of economy of national Department of Commerce, international is arbitral the expert of the branch such as committee, chairman of international Wool Textile Organization Mr JuanCasanovas waits, key with respect to " policy of entrance abb government and environment of international textile trade " , " industry of Chinese wool spin grows a tendency " , " how to use capital market to promote wool spinning industry to upgrade " , " abb controversy case is evaluated " , " global abb. In the meantime, come from world main abb to produce concerned organization of the country, detect like abb of bureau of hotpot of abb of Uruguay Wool Secretarian, New Zealand, Australia the controller of the respect such as bureau of sale of abb of company of alliance of wool spinning of bureau, England, England also will be on congress the development with respect to world abb industry and sale status of abb textile market have comprehensive introduction. Additional, the Zhejiang that comes from home is new bay the enterprise of domestic famous wool spinning such as company of group of cloth with soft nap of much Si Yang of Er of group, another name for Hubei province, Heng Yuanxiang group also will make special subject report on congress.
As we have learned, congress is sponsorred still just will be in in session the assembly room is established reveal a stage, to attend the meeting the delegate provides the platform of technical communication and study.

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