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Exposition of cashmere of international of Ningxia of the 2nd China was begun in

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Exposition of cashmere of international of Ningxia of the 2nd China will come 13 days to be held in Yinchuan on September 10. The 2nd exposition cooperates by supply and marketing of whole nation of government of people of Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region, China combination of association of textile industry of total company, China is sponsorred. Animal produce of guild of Chinese wool spin, China is current association assist do, the Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region spins association of industry of change of flix of cloth with soft nap of industrial bureau, Ningxia gently to undertake. Theme of   current exposition is " wear a communication collaboration bridge, advance cashmere industry to develop " , covered cashmere to produce commerce of treatment, inside and outside, scientific research, equipment, detect, catch change auxiliary whole industry catenary, main activity content includes large cashmere goods to exhibit (the area that exhibit a house 8500 ㎡) , dress of dress of forum of cashmere estate development, cashmere is exhibited act, auction of high-quality goods cashmere wool is met etc. Exposition of cashmere of international of Ningxia of   current China is worth the Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region 50 years Daqing, will pass ginseng of enterprise of the elite person that invites group of more domestic and international cashmere, elite to meet, for whole world cashmere manufacturing company builds the information of a communication, interactive platform that shows train of thought of high-quality goods, delibrate, stimulative cooperation.   Ningxia is one of birthplace with China civilized remote antiquity, resourceful, the dominant position is prominent. In recent years, ningxia already developed to be important cashmere current distribution centre and base of cashmere goods treatment, the cashmere of purchase and sale and treatment comes from 9 countries of 13 province areas of domestic and abroad, year the 50% above that the former cloth with soft nap with current buying and selling holds Chinese cashmere output, exit cashmere and its goods amount to 200 million dollar, industrial group benefit is shown. The quality of the cloth with soft nap that do not have wool that Ningxia place treatment produces is good, be known as " high-quality goods cashmere " , in enjoy high reputation domestic and internationally. Ningxia has good industry to expand environment and industrial base, the trend that complies with move of gradient of international cashmere industry again had industrial position, the advantage is more clear.  Exposition is main mobile content     (one) cashmere industry and   of goods exhibition   exhibit a house to set 2 in Ningxia Yinchuan international exhibition center, area 8500 square metre, cent exhibits an area for 4: Ningxia cashmere exhibits an area integratedly (the development general situation that the introduction shows Ningxia cashmere industry) , the brand exhibits an area (install especially exhibit) 17, cashmere goods exhibits an area (the standard is exhibited) 82, the industry exhibits an area related cashmere (the standard is exhibited) 30.   shows a product: Showpiece high-quality goods cashmere and finished products of of all kinds cashmere. Basically have: The cloth with soft nap that do not have wool, cashmere, fabrics of cashmere gauze, cashmere; All sorts of cashmere goods such as cashmere sweater, skirt, T-shirt, scarf, amice, underwear, hand-me-down, coat, blanket, bedspread; Cashmere spin machinery, spare parts.   ginseng postpones a business: Be engaged in cashmere domestic and internationally trade of production, inside and outside, scientific research, equipment, detect, catch those who change makings auxiliary is enterprise or business unit.     (2) flourishing age is numerous " cloth with soft nap " cashmere dress dress exhibits   performing   to perform a form to show the latest fashion of brand of much home cashmere with model, roll out dress of dress of popular design cashmere.     (3)   of   of forum of development of estate of cashmere of international of Ningxia of the 2nd China invites industry of domestic and international cashmere the development existing state of affairs of famous expert, scholar and industry of cashmere of entrepreneur introduction international and trend, the technical communication that undertakes cashmere machines production domain.     (4) the 2nd times cashmere wool of Ningxia high-quality goods auctions Fair     to auction high-quality goods cent to comb cashmere wool (the cloth with soft nap that do not have wool) etc, breed is Bai Zhongbai cloth with soft nap, Pu Bairong, violet cloth with soft nap, black fine hair.     (5) autograph of project of refer of investment commerce be in harmony makes an appointment with       (6) garden of visiting cashmere industry and   of key enterprise   meet Wu ministry contact: Phone of   of   of of week static Zhang Yongtao (fax) :   of 0951-5043084 0951-5033371 the email:

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