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Already of first downy travel spends trade plenary session

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  • Exhibit meeting name: Congress of first downy trade agency
  • Run a country: Chinese mainland
  • Ginseng extend date: 2008-11-16~2008-11-18
  • Sign up end: 2008-11-1
  • Ginseng exhibit the ground: Beijing
  • Approve an unit: Chinese trade stimulative commission
  • Sponsor an unit: Animal produce of China of Chinese trade stimulative commission nap of current association China is professional committee
  • Undertake unit:
  • Assist run an unit: Clear river of net of cashmere of high-quality goods of China of net of cashmere of clear river of China of net of industry of cashmere of China of Chinese cashmere net 114 cashmere net is round-the-world website of eider down of eider down net of China of net of wool spinning of China of net of cashmere of much Si Fubao of Er of another name for Hubei province of cashmere sweater net of China of website of cashmere of cashmere net China
    Cashmere of China of Chinese dress net sells network of foreign trade of China of net of spin of net China dress; " spin face complementary makings world " " dress business information " " dress market conditions " " Chinese dress signs up for " " Hui Cong market conditions " net of sina of times of capital of intermediary of propagation of centrally TV Taipei Gu Ge Baidu Alibaba
  • Postpone meeting brief introduction: To discuss international nap the product develops a tendency, advance industrialization of achievement of downy scientific research; Improve quality of enterprise nap product, communication of IT of product of standard of promotion industry technology, stimulative nap and development. For this our plan made preparations " cashmere of 2008 China International and downy goods exposition and congress of first downy trade agency " . Current mass rally, aim to use Beijing's distinctive area advantage, the action that cooperation, trade promotes communicates in industry play. We will be cordial invite business of the firm inside global trade to participate in, hold the times pulse of industry and market and international tide jointly, make promotion of new product new technology and the main platform that commerce cooperates. Had done activity of this second industry distinguished gathering to having very important society beneficial result to Beijing area and even whole nation. Can exhibit mobile produce and sale to meet, butt joint of supply and demand, it is the good place that undertakes industry communication, concentration gathers feedback information, still can have professional promotion to new product, new technology, have the positive effect of the masses inside line of business of prosperous standard market, service thereby.
  • Ginseng extend range: ◆ nap exhibits an area: Wool of rabbit hair of wool of the cloth with soft nap of cashmere wool, sheep, ox cloth with soft nap, camel's hair, cloth with soft nap that do not have wool, abb, mink, otter, fox, rabbit hair;
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