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Goods of cashmere of 2008 Shanghai abb purchases Fair

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Extend meeting time: Came to exhibited on June 20, 2008 on June 18, 2008 address: Sponsor an unit: Exhibit a place: Network address of store of Shanghai world trade: Industry type: Postpone meeting brief introduction: Goods of cashmere of 2008 Shanghai abb purchases Fair time: Nodded to 20 days of ground on June 18, 2008: Store of Shanghai world trade (start justice journey 99) theme of invitation letter congress: Strengthen the communication inside the industry and cooperation, commerce of stimulative abb cashmere and development] industry setting: China is raw material of cashmere of world high grade abb advocate produce country and main export country, cashmere crop occupies the 75% of world total output. Regard the production of cashmere goods and exit as big country, process capability of Chinese cashmere goods increases quickly, the character of Chinese cashmere goods and figure promote ceaselessly, alive bound cashmere goes to mainer and mainer effect since commerce domain. In the meantime, as potential world the biggest cashmere consumes a country, the economy that Chinese cashmere market expands in high speed promotes prosperity of next all the more. This Fair aims " build platform of international cashmere commerce, develop culture of Chinese cashmere industry " , promote the prosperity of China and industry of world abb cashmere and development finally. At the appointed time the foreign enterprise such as Euramerican, middle east, Korea, Italy, France, Japan, Russia, Hong Kong, Taiwan assembles in our specially invite Shanghai in all the development space with more vast develop. The foreign trade that cashmere is Chinese tradition exports a product, its export the history to already evened more hundred years, but the cashmere industry that builds oneself truly however only then at going up century 70 time. Experienced development of more than 20 years, already formed whole industry at present, all in all place is had in situation of international cashmere industry. Chinese cashmere exit already had the dimensions that comparative, custom statistic shows, cashmere and its goods exported 1.57 billion dollar 2006, among them cashmere reachs the cloth with soft nap that do not have wool to export 3201 tons, amount 238 million dollar, cashmere sweater exports 20.87 million, amount 602 million dollar; Cashmere scarf exports amount to be 430 million dollar, cashmere gauze and amount of exit of other finished products are 300 million dollar. As the structural adjustment of international manufacturing industry and manufacturing move, cashmere machines an industry to be transferred to Chinese churchyard ceaselessly, the process capability of Chinese cashmere goods increases quickly, chinese cashmere exports a structure to already gave priority to goods of cloth with soft nap of fast Xiang Yang to transform from raw material. 2001, our country makes an appointment with without exit of wool cloth with soft nap and proportion of sale in domestic market 7: 3; To 2006, without wool cloth with soft nap exit and proportion of sale in domestic market are 4.5: 5.5, a large number of cloth with soft nap that do not have wool entered business of cashmere deep treatment through sale in domestic market. Company of Chinese cashmere deep treatment is close 1000, year of productivity of cashmere sweater more than 40 million, it is 2 times what speak a volume. China already became big state of the production of the cashmere goods of be worthy of the name and exit. ] propagandist promotion and audience invite a plan: 1. Print 250 thousand pieces of visiting certificate, those who pass an organizing committee is domestic and international in buying a database to send professional personage hand. Can invite extensively through order goods of conference of domestic and international professional exhibition, learning, trade purchase business to attend a meeting look around, communication and commerce negotiate. 2. Bend force invites company of the user inside the industry, agency, agent, trafficker, imports and exports when can see kind, negotiate indent. 3. Propagandist promotion is made in media of domestic and international much home. Spin of dress of net, China is sold in cashmere of net of yarn of website of net of eider down of net of wool spinning of Chinese cashmere net, cashmere website, China, China, eider down, China, China net of dress of net of spin of net of dress of website of chemical fibber of net, China, China, China, China, " spin face complementary, centrally TV station, new civilian article of evening paper, news evening paper, emancipatory daily, Shanghai is morning paper of wide, news, green newspaper of science and technology of annals, Shanghai, Yangtse Evening Post, east is defended inspect, GOOGLE of sina net, Gu Ge, 4, the foreign trade channel through sponsorring an unit, invite abroad with all possible means buy the home to attend a meeting purchase, negotiate, order goods. Limits of ◆ item on display: Dress dress kind: Blanket of towel of underwear of skirt of cap of shirt of sweater of cashmere dress, cashmere coat, cashmere, cashmere, cashmere, abb, cashmere, scarf, babushka, amice, cravat, silk, blanket, cashmere, cashmere by, pillow of cashmere cotton-padded mattress, cashmere, . Abb cloth with soft nap exhibits an area: Wool of rabbit hair of wool of cloth with soft nap of cashmere wool, sheep, camel's hair, abb, mink, otter, fox, rabbit hair. Cashmere goods exhibits an area: Handicraft of cloth with soft nap of cap of shoe of cloth with soft nap of adornment of cloth with soft nap of toy of the fabrics of cashmere yarn, cashmere, woollen sweater, cloth with soft nap that do not have wool, wool cloth with soft nap, wool, wool, wool, act the role of taste, computer of wool loom instrument designs cloth with soft nap of software, wool yarn and fiber wool knit: Category 1. The standard is exhibited (9m2) 2. Smooth ground (36m2) foreign capital enterprise 22000 yuan / 9m2 2200 yuan / M2 figure exhibits an area 12000 yuan (9m2) 1200 yuan / M2 is common exhibit an area 8800 yuan (9m2) 900 yuan / M2 is offerred freely exhibit board, chinese and English lintel board, one desk electrical outlet of 2 chair, power source, shoot the light 2, exhibit inside full shop carpet. ] proceedings of a conferences and other advertisement cover: 20000 back cover of ¥ : ¥ 16000 yuan of inside front cover: ¥ 12000 yuan of inside back cover: ¥ 10000 yuan of title page: 12000 colour of ¥ full page: ¥ 5000 black full page: 3000 vigour of ¥ ball ¥ 3000 yuan / arch ¥ 6000 yuan of billboard: 20000 vanity of ¥ : 30000 yuan / ¥ of directory of 10 thousand proceedings of a conferences 500 yuan of tickets: ¥ 3000 yuan / full page of 10 thousand pieces of characters: 2000 characters of ¥ half edition: ¥ 1000] the service that provides to postpone business 1, the advertisement that exhibits an enterprise freely on congress website to do one year to join publicizes; 2, exhibit business freely to offer public duty to join safe, extend the service such as 24 hours of a cleanness, security personnel; 3, congress will compile and print elegant proceedings of a conferences, exhibit an enterprise freely to publish 200 words to control company brief introduction to join; 4, congress offers traffic to carry, exhibit rent, formal wait for a service, exhibit business to be chosen according to the circumstance, charge provides for oneself; 5, congress recommends the guesthouse of all sorts of class, join the proof that postpone business to be entered, will enjoy bigger discount. ] ginseng exhibit detailed rules 1. Fill in ginseng exhibit application form to mail or fax to constituent unit, will join inside 7 days extend charge telegraphic money order or hand in to constituent unit, ginseng exhibit business to be in remit after each charge, reach fax of bank money order bill please constituent unit, we will open formal bill; 2. Extend an order allocation principle: "Apply for first, arrange first, pay first, affirm first " , double-faced mouth is exhibited add collect 20% fee; 3. Constituent unit is received ginseng after exhibiting application form to reach the charge that exhibit a stage, will at be being sent before Feburary 1, 2008 " ginseng exhibit manual " to postpone business, define the detail arrangement that concerned ginseng extends, freight, accommodation, traffic; ] please with organizing committee contact, get newest exhibit meeting information, exhibit the Shanghai such as an ichnography elegant brightness address of of exhibition service limited company: Road of brook of Shanghai water transport 251 lane distinguished family city postcode of room of 5 buildings 20F: 200235 E-mail: phone: 86-21-34224052 fax: 86-21-51714666 contact: Mr Yang Bo contacts an unit: Contact an address: Road of brook of Shanghai water transport 251 lane distinguished family city contact of room of 5 buildings 20F: Mr Yang Bo (13764932408) phone: 86-21-34224052 fax: 86-21-51714666 E-mail: remarks:

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