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Dress of 2008 China International crosses a country to purchase Fair

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Time: 14-16 day ground nodded in July 2008: Yan'an of Shanghai of 3F/4F(of store of Shanghai world trade on the west road 2299) sponsor an unit: Store of trade of world of Shanghai of Chinese clothing association undertakes unit: Store of Shanghai world trade assist run an unit: The United States Dalasi market control center (DMC) ● exhibits meeting setting 2008 situation of trade of global spin garment 2007 up to in November, chinese dress exports total one hundred billion three hundred and eighty-four million dollar, grow 15.68% compared to the same period, occupy the whole world to export total 30 % 2007 up to in November, two markets of European Union and United States are total the 34.7% 2008 that occupies our country dress to export total year on January 1, europe textile trade agreement expires in, quota of textile is defeated by Europe cancels, european Union market is new to in the cost advantage that opens wide gate China labour force is weakened, the production company with small content of big, technology transfers labor intensity the good luck of Chinese supplier and challenge China dress created significant production base 2008 the enterprise reduces intermediate segment, reduce commerce link cost, increase capacity of profit of manufacturing industry company the chance that much channel, much azimuth enhances international trade communication, purchase meet, business affairs conjugate, trade extend the meeting ability that enhances the way such as research and development of commerce, product, content shedding, have the dress of China of ability of the butt joint that buy the home with case of large quantities of quantities, high price standard system and international conform, the good luck wheat that Chinese clothing company needs to raise international standard to collect mark to lead supplier of abroad 2008 brand agrees academy of stannic whole world (MGI) is newest research, as Chinese dweller income rapid growth and savings ratio drop stage by stage, future inside 20 years, the real need of Chinese city will grow 5 times above painfully, and make the whole world that is next to Japan and United States the middle class that China of market of 3 big spending rises abruptly quickly and wealthy person group brought China to consume the market in last few years approximately unbridled growth, make jump over much abroad luxury and China of fashionable brand attention more, it is the most important to label China label China future in succession, most potential market ● is strong strong together, world trade imports and exports is crossed collect the national trade organization with the most authoritative industry of garment of China of association of clothing of China of the first year of an era or the reign of an emperor, have mainstay business member 1400 many (include China's most high grade dress brand enterprise and manufacturing company) , it is the core organization of as square as domestic each district association and communication of overseas trade orgnaization, devote oneself to industrial structural adjustment and growth pattern innovation, communicate and coordinate what exert oneself and fluctuation parade international is reached to cooperate between course of study, enterprise, government, it is the authoritative orgnaization that leads Chinese garment industry healthy development. The major of dress of international class spin with the first the home, Asia the largest scale of China of store of Shanghai world trade exhibits trade mart; Have more than 1000 high grade spin dress suppliers; Enterprise of brand of dress of spin of Han of 300 Euramerican day; Enterprise of 1000 shopkeeper channel; Annual is of all kinds and professional commerce communication activity 150 above (promotion communication activity 60, buy the home to purchase an activity 60, conjugate activity 10, fashionable dress is released reach design communication activity 40 wait) , cross a country to purchase communication platform with what global business makes major jointly. ● exhibits meeting characteristic grand meeting of 20000 Mai Jiayun collect are abroad buy the home to invite Euramerican: Partner United States Dalasi market control center (DMC) , 10000 tenant are had below the banner, invite the key every year Euramerican and famous large purchase business and have what purchase an intent directly is abroad medium or small the ginseng that buy the home is met. Day Han: Establish person specially assigned for a task to develop day of Han to buy the home, show the member that have 20000 constant annual meeting, invite 500 every year to buy China of a visit to the parents or schoolchildren or young workers at least. Home buys the home to invite Shanghai area: Sponsor just create person specially assigned for a task or job, as large and medium-sized as Shanghai area global purchase a trading company to be contacted all the year round, ensure 2000 major buy an area of present long triangle: Sponsor just have 400 thousand major to buy a database, the phone invites attend a meeting rate amount to support of 4 % industry: Support of 12 industries channel invites what purchase an intent directly buy a ginseng to often can exhibit platform: World trade often produces per year cause client 900 times, linkage invites buy the home to participate in buy greatly below at the appointed time the home shows up all:International is retail tycoon: Le Fu of Wo Erma, Ou Shang, home, QVC, this the large department store such as tall, Target: General merchandise of JC Penney, Spain, Xiersi, in May the inn of large chain brand such as general merchandise, Martha general merchandise, Woolworths: New 100, dragon of lion of Antailai, fort, enlighten Ka Nong, H&M, Li Wei this, the large mail-order company such as Bestseller, Quiksilver, New Wave: Ci of trade of 100 Li world, Jia Shida wide interest, Ou Tu, Le Kai toward review 2004-2007 year exhibit business and   of the circumstance that buy the home major bought a number 2007 2006 2005 2004 (person) 3, 5804, 3655, 2476, 158 exhibits quotient () 150170212265 2004-2007 year abroad buy the home to occupy than circumstance   abroad bought 2007 2006 2005 2004 the home occupies than 6.93% 2007 year cross collect abroad the country that buy the home does not occupy Han of Russia of Hong Kong of more Euramerican than the circumstance day to buy domestic state not to occupy exhibit flow than 29$%%6%5% ginseng: RMB10, 000 yuan / 3m*3m exhibits a configuration: The company is Chinese and English a lintel board, advisory desk (the ark that take a lock) , negotiate one piece 3 desk, chairs, shoot the light 4, hang the garment 3 meters to connect, exhibit inside laid exhibits special carpet ◆ to install especially exhibit: RMB800 yuan / M2 (36 decide since smooth rice) advertisement of proceedings of a conferences of ◆ of of rate of ad of proceedings of a conferences: Proceedings of a conferences issues an amount 30, 000, offer present major to buy the high grade major inside the home and world trade database to purchase business, can make the enterprise is being bought more extensive conduct propaganda gets inside the home and industry. ◆ rate: Back cover RMB10, RMB8 of 000, inside front cover, 000, RMB6 of inside back cover, 000, RMB5 of the page inside color, 000 ◆ exhibits business to must offer advertising of proceedings of a conferences to design CD of draft finish a piece of writing, file format is TIF format, precision is 300dpi. ◆ advertisement applies for to end day: Joined on June 10, 2008 exhibit a program to get " ginseng extend application form " ◆ calls an organizing committee to ask for 13472578901 faxes: What 021-54378548 ◆ application form fills each content to all be the content basis of Fair proceedings of a conferences, fill in seriously with regular script please. After ◆ receipt affirms will join inside a week exhibit expense entire fund telegraphic transfer money or hand in to the organizing committee, join the beard that postpone business by exhibit a bill to reach " ginseng extend application form " Xerox reports for duty cloth is exhibited reach ginseng exhibit. Give out after gathering of ◆ organizing committee " join the manual that postpone business " ◆ ginseng extends application date of expiration: Paid on June 20, 2008 the guideline opens an account name: Account of RMB of of limited company of store of Shanghai world trade: 1001242709096206324 bank name: ● of subbranch of a bank of rainbow bridge development contacts Shanghai of Industrial and Commercial Bank of China means address: Shanghai Yan'an on the west road 2299 postcodes: 200336 phone: 021-54378568 fax: 021-54378548 contact: Yang Cheng 13472578901

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