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Fabrics of 21 Texworld international exhibits Paris will exhibit Chinese dress

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According to France " spin signs up for " message, the Paris that was about to hold to 20 days on September 17 this year exhibition of fabrics of international of the 21st Texworld, will exhibit first Chinese dress. Enter the Chinese house of the composition that postpone business by more than 100 China, will become Texworld to exhibit can medium exhibit meeting, item on display basically is Chinese dress, little part is family expenses textile. According to the message, chinese ginseng exhibits business to will develop new textile policy, quality of the innovation design with item on display, character and have a brand oneself, prove China has the capacity that responds to western market demand. Whole exhibit meeting general to 950 ginseng postpone business, china occupies 300.

This activity will be closed to by association of Chinese textile industry, Chinese clothing association and trade branch of meeting spin industry and Frankfurt are exhibited (France) limited company is held jointly.

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