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Cashmere of 2008 Shanghai abb reachs Fair of eider down goods

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Shanghai of national China city
Sponsor an unit to undertake unit
Supportive unit exhibits meeting name cashmere of 2008 Shanghai abb and Fair of eider down goods
Hold time 2008-06-18 to end time 2008-06-20

Showpiece cloth with soft nap of content   abb exhibits an area: Wool of rabbit hair of wool of cloth with soft nap of cashmere wool, sheep, ox cloth with soft nap, camel's hair, abb, mink, otter, fox, rabbit hair

Cashmere goods exhibits an area: Skirt of fabrics of cashmere dress, cashmere yarn, cashmere, woollen sweater, abb, cashmere by, toy of cloth with soft nap of seat cushion of blanket of the cravat of amice of scarf of coat of cashmere underwear, cashmere, cashmere, cashmere, cashmere, cloth with soft nap that do not have wool, cashmere, cashmere, wool,

Eider down exhibits an area:

Dress dress kind: Eider down is taken (jacket of pants of eider down coat, eider down, eider down) , shoe of glove of eider down cap, eider down, eider down.

Bedding kind: Eider down by, cushion for leaning on of sleeping bag of pillow of eider down cotton-padded mattress, eider down, eider down, eider down.

Raw material of feather eider down: Goose feather cloth with soft nap, duck wool cloth with soft nap, wool of chicken feather goose feather, duck

Feather goods: Feather flower, feather act the role ofing is tasted, scour of eider down raw material, eider down, fabrics, complementary makings, button, slide fastener.

Eider down produces equipment and service of technology of form a complete set:

Exhibit store of trade of world of house title Shanghai
Showpiece dot starts justice journey 99
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