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Fabrics of 2008intertextile Chun Xia spreads out act shortly

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Fabrics of spin of 2008 China International reachs by a definite date complementary makings (Chun Xia) exposition will be in center of exhibition of Beijing China International to fill on March 27 situation kick off. Exposition is sponsorred by association of Chinese textile industry, china International trade closes to center of information of spin of branch of meeting spin industry, China and Frankfurt are exhibited (Hong Kong) limited company undertakes jointly. Current exhibit can exhibit an area to amount to 48000 square metre, than last year the corresponding period grows 23 % . Up to now, share 1129 when come from 14 countries and area ginseng that postpone business to exhibit (business is postponed inside its China 900, abroad ginseng postpones business 229) , item on display covers silk of bud of fabrics of cotton, hemp, silk, wool, chemical fibber, function, knitting, embroider, complementary makings, CAD and media to wait. Country and the area such as Italy, Korea, Germany, Japan, Pakistan and Chinese Taiwan exhibit in order to exhibit conglomerate form ginseng. Home exhibits business to come from 20 provinces, municipality, municipality directly under the Central Government. Hill of desolate of Jiangsu Cheng Ze, Zhejiang and Chinese hemp spin chime of area of association and other places to meet all appear in order to extend conglomerate form exhibit meeting.

Although get,the RMB appreciated 2007, exit drawback rate is adjusted, factor of production rises in price wait for a lot of element to affect, but industry of our country spin the growth posture that each economic norms continues to keep stability, healthy. Fabrics industry grows means to also allot unripe change in new trade situation, rely on innovation of research and development, technology to get product of high end of high additional cost, production to already became the consensus of a lot of enterprise. Fabrics of 2008intertextile Chun Xia is exhibited show concentration global side the high-end product of complementary makings industry, in developing an environment brand-newly, to course of study wife person presents more hotspots:

Move division new house brings new turning point to postpone meeting development

Below the elaborate organization of the organizing committee, fabrics of China International spin and complementary makings exposition won the wide recognition of industry, already became purchase the whole world high grade face the essential commerce platform of complementary makings. In recent years fabrics of Intertextile Chun Xia exhibits what get the area that exhibit a house all the time in developing a process to restrict. Extend meeting branch 7 years in Beijing exhibition and China International trade centre two ground the corresponding period is held, although solved the ginseng of more enterprise to extend requirement, but the integral program that meets to exhibiting, run and of spot audience visit the inconvenience with was brought certain. Current exhibit meeting general to move master China International exhibits a center, exhibit meeting site to undertake unity differentiating according to category of item on display. Exhibit a space, high grade condition that exhibit a house and convenient traffic environment adequately, will make fabrics of 2008intertextile Chun Xia exhibits the new chance that welcomes development with brand-new appearance.

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