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"Exhibition of cashmere of 2006 Shanghai international " will hold in Shanghai

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Knit institute of economy of spin of industrial guild, China to be held jointly by Shanghai cotton spinning " exhibition of cashmere of 2006 Shanghai international " will on August 28, 2006 - hold ceremoniously 30 days in Shanghai. This second the enthusiasm that exhibition received domestic and international very much relevant business and unit is participated in and tripartite confrontation supports, will have come from Er of Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, Korea, Singapore, Indonesian, United States, England, France, Germany, Italy, earth its, the enterprise of the country such as India and professional personage are participated in exhibit meeting.
In recent years, the economic amplitude of our country still is in maintaining healthy, stability and rapid development. Especially cashmere and downy industry got swift and violent development. Cashmere goods with its peculiar softness, fine, lightsome, rare be short of and get the Qing Mei of broad consumer. Regard the competition ability in industry of our country spin as the strongest industry, the whole world is annual the consumption of cashmere is increasing by degrees with the speed of 15% , its apace development has gotten the attention of all circles personage fully. Be faced with new form in the world to answer industry of our country spin, suit in current development situation, to the enterprise need adjusts the concept of produce and sale of the product. How can make this one industry is walked out of truly, must establish cashmere and the brand consciousness of woolen of cloth with soft nap, strengthen the extensive communication between the enterprise and cooperation, enhance what go up in the international market to dispute ability unexpectedly. Current exhibition will with, "Development, brand, communication " give priority to a problem, exhibit an enterprise to provide the capacious stage that an information transmission, technology communication, trade negotiates for broad ginseng.

Publicize promotion and plan:
1. Print 250 thousand pieces of visiting certificate, in buying a database domestic and internationally to send hand of past major personage through what constituent unit builds. In the whole nation and international order goods of conference of the professional exhibition of relevant domain, learning, trade is met, invite trafficker and professional personage extensively to attend a meeting look around, communication and commerce negotiate.
2. Company of place of courtyard of orgnaization of the user that organizes an unit to invite bend power relevant industry, agency, agent, trafficker, research and development, scientific research, imports and exports participate in exhibit meeting.
3. Draft propagandist promotion is made in media of domestic and international much home, net of dress of net of spin of net of dress of website of chemical fibber of net of spin of dress of net of sale of cashmere of net of Chinese cashmere net, cashmere website, China wool spinning, Chinese yarn net, China, China, China, China, China, China, " spin face complementary makings world " " dress market conditions.

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