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Soft gold spouse, cashmere fabric adds bright scour

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One, product introduction

Dispatch cashmere fabric added bright scour on August 22 is the product that each cashmere enterprise can use. The product is flaxen liquid, contain a variety of expression activator among them, abyss shows neuter. Can use atColoringAuxiliary and fabric clean an agent, decontamination goes float lubricious effect is apparent. The bright-coloured sex of cashmere fabric can rise after using, make cashmere fabric more appear gorgeous, showily.

2, product characteristic

1, the product is polluted without the environment, accord with environmental protection requirement.

2, the product is had very strong fight hard water function, to acerbity, alkaline stability, with other anion and blame ion exterior activator has very good Xiang Rong sex. The dye of effectively dispel fabric surfaceColoringCatch an aspect, do not reduce fabric lubricious prison to spend.

3, performance of detergent washing, decolour is high, do not injure fiber, use convenient.

4, it is easy that simple, production operates manufacturing facility.

3, market analysis

The decontamination of fabric of the raw wool that is used at textile industry, former cloth with soft nap, aba, cloth with soft nap is pulsatile of color yield surplus clean, apply to industry of all sorts of wool fibre, textile to use. At present our country uses the scour of Yu Maorong fiber, fabric every year to be controlled in 100 thousand tons, this product has clear advantage in the price and performance side, the technology is mature, have in the market current pass. Accordingly, have very large market space.

4, manufacturing condition

Investment dimensions is controlled 30 thousand yuan (installation cost is controlled 10 thousand yuan, circulating fund controls) 20 thousand yuan. Workshop area 40 square metre, manufacturing staff 2 people.

5, benefit estimation

Cost of producer goods cost every tons 1000 yuan 5 or so, product market price every tons 10 thousand 1000 yuan 5 or so. Manufacturing sale is controlled 3 tons can disinvestment. (Because of area difference, above data offers reference only)

6, investment proposal

1, manufacturing facilities is general reaction boiler, without special requirement.

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