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Production abb of AWI, Memteks is not had sew garment

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Versatility of woolen of slave of Australian beautiful interest continues startling, recently a few weeks, the product that has two new innovations announces.

Australian abb is innovated (AWI) company and Memtek of European clothing production company produced a series of notting have to sew motion of beautiful interest slave and body garment together.

Memteks based is managed in Turkey and United States, memteks is the person that basically found without what seam dress product. Its product range includes close-fitting dress, radiative take, swimsuit pregnant woman installs He Yujia to take.

Memteks also is not to have a when seam garment industry main research and development organization. Kit has not been had those who sew garment to revolutionize, mechanical energy is at present enough produce a fragment from onefold and successive silk thread, cut down production to assemble cost.

Without seam dress to organize the market with annual the rate of 10% rises, woolen of beautiful interest slave is used what will add a brand is witting degree.

AWI designed suit of a male business recently, can use washing machine catharsis, this dress may be pushed in next year to the market, the target is Japanese market. Literal size: [Big] [in] [small] author: Origin:Copyright of net of Chinese cashmere industry and avoid duty statement:
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