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Gauze of the cashmere outside Yuan Gong is developed successfully

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Judge the research with the market survey with comprehensive course of limited company of auspicious cashmere group and technical elaborate personnel and sufficient science prove fountainhead, last year the end of the year succeeded to give out gauze of cashmere of knitting of slub of far infrared ray. As we have learned, gauze of cashmere of far infrared ray besides the advantage that has traditional cashmere gauze, return the far infrared ray that can absorb sun's rays or human body radiate to go out, and its translate into the far infrared ray of specific wavelengh. It is reported, the action of far infrared ray of this kind of specific wavelengh arrives on human body, pass with resonance of element of human body water, produce tepid microwave to massage effect, improve small loop, stimulative metabolism, enhance immune power. Can foreknow, the cashmere sweater that uses this yarn weaving is met more heat preservation has more exceedingly good curb bacterium function. This yarn changed traditional heat preservation concept, have content of higher science and technology, market development potential is tremendous. Literal size: [Big] [in] [small] author: Origin: Discharge  is troubled by  ?Copyright of net of Chinese cashmere industry and avoid duty statement:
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