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New raw material and new technology apply mediumly in beautiful type yarn

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The production of beautiful type yarn and its fabric machines the important segment of craft as textile industry, attach most importance to especially to guiding the development of relevant textile to appear should. Yarn of type of the 14th complete national flower and seminar of progress of its fabric technology concluded smoothly at river shade a few days ago, the new technology that key of this special number of a eriodical pays close attention to this conference to go up, new technology, new achievement and new experience, the hope spends report of person of technology of type yarn industry and hobby Shan to bring results to everybody.

Beautiful type line with its special artistic language, in textile make public is worn distinct effect skinning texture. Of a variety of raw material compound with overlay, line of the type that it is a flower added a lot of technology content in textile design. The spin data that uses each surprise and diverse beautiful type line process instrumentation, make textile of beautiful type line is in reflect soft, comfortable, breathe freely, indefinite at the same time, added metrical feeling and manage touch a few minutes, accord with the popular trend of recreational nature.

New raw material applies mediumly in beautiful type line

Be opposite as people the demand of environmental protection, zoology, recreational textile, PTT fiber, bamboo fiber, soja albumen fiber, corn fiber, carapace element fiber and Lai card are in all sorts of fibrous application such as real silk, cotton, hemp, abb already were approbated by consumer. Although. Beautiful type yarn not as good as bedding face of quantity of yarn of bombazine, wool yarn, chemical fibber is wide, but, beautiful type yarn and its fabric develop in textile industry and rising to promote action actively in technical innovation process, it is the main component that reflects textile popularity, vogue, personality, have the advantage that other yarn cannot compare.

Beautiful type yarn is combined besides much raw material, polychromatic colour outside, be opposite as people textile is frivolous the requirement that change, raw material by brief one-way diversity, gauze is raised by low raise gauze to develop to the trend that supports gauze high. Spend structure of type line product before more special, do not suit to do frivolous fabrics. As the diversification that the product develops, and of the raw material such as fine-draw abb, cashmere, cotton, real silk use, gift the feel with beautiful type exquisite, soft, comfortable yarn, do not break result of art of beautiful type yarn again. Additional. Product of yarn of Gao Zhihua type lets people be in concise with exquisite in also find metrical with move feeling. But to be gone after compactly and unexpectedlying flavour stays at " level off " " smooth " in, "Brief " in have change even, should give a person one kind is in concise in beg rich, pure artistic aesthetic feeling is shown in abounding, reflect material adequately to skin texture the delicate change of simple sense and yarn.
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