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Heart cotton share develops gauze of cashmere of pure cotton copy

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Recently, inc. of Shandong heart cotton develops yarn of cashmere of copy of pure cotton combing successfully.

Be called " soft gold " cashmere has soft, smooth, heat preservation, breathe freely, dress is comfortable wait for an advantage, but the price is high. The company consumes the demand of the market to suit, ceaseless innovation manufactures technology, increase new product to develop strength. The company chooses gauze to support quality of work two kinds of yarn with different, different measurement of number of turn, blending gives yarn of cashmere of copy of pure cotton combing. This yarn has the fleeciness, soft feel like cashmere already, what assured yarn again is puissant, still have the characteristic of comfortable, safe, environmental protection at the same time, it is to make the ideal fabrics of high-grade knitting dress.

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