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Fabrics of fiber of soja of abb of Italian REDA company comes out

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Experienced process of research and development, total position compares Ella at Italy (Biella) area, familial the company of REDA of manufacturer of cloth of abb of advanced men's clothing that 4 generation provide abb fabrics for brand of world top class men's clothing all the time, released its the abb of newest development - soja fiber fabrics.

Taste the abb that releases together with REDA2008-2009 Qiu Dongxin - soja fiber fabrics regards a kind of high end as fabrics, the REDA that filled fission to show to having long abb cloth to create a convention is innovating ceaselessly technology while to environmental protection pay attention to.

Soja fiber primary colors is yellow, tactility is soft and close, oneself performance is good at cotton and silk, and easily chromatically, have outstanding glossiness.

Because this soja fiber holds the burnish of the feel that has cotton and silk concurrently, and undeniable easy is measurable, have with cotton goods equal moisture absorption ability (can efficient the damp in absorbing air) , but the permeability that compares cotton is much better, this makes soja fiber compares cotton " more healthy " , and because its contain a lot ofamino acid, soja fiber still has close skin character, ensured perfect to cutaneous protection.

The product of this one new-style fabrics of REDA is shirt-sleeve soja fiber and woolen are a lot of feature and attribute: Be full of flexibility, prolonged is durable, comfortable breathe freely, withheld woolen to heat up isolation function again, prevent severe cold already high temperature resistant.

REDA presiding apparitor Mr ErcoleBottoPoala expresses, "Increasing consumer is sought in whole production process the product is reached idiosyncratic the innovation fabrics that has natural character, our research and development abb - this plants soja fiber the purpose of new-style fabrics is to satisfy this kind of requirement of consumer. Tens of year come, REDA offers the high grade product that complete Italy makes for consumer all the time. We are maintaining the outstanding quality of product of pure wool fabrics all the time in the series product of the one after another, in product of nearly a few season more the abb that brought high end - cashmere mixes reach abb - silk mixes fabrics. We brought more fancy abb for everybody today - soja mixes fabrics. We brought more fancy abb for everybody today - soja mixes fabrics..

All products that are the same as REDA are same, abb - soja fiber fabrics also is complete in Biailade the ValleMosso factory of the area is produced, be produced through firm order from raw material and come, made sure its are right to the greastest extent environmental esteem. In fact REDA is the abb plant that Europe carries EMAS attestation exclusively, EMAS (European environment management and system of examine and verify) it is system of a kind of environmental protection management, use the monitoring company improvement, environmental protection strength in strengthening oneself to produce a course.
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