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3542 companies develop border China successfully cotton / bay hair new product

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Recently, 3542 companies develop border China successfully a cotton / bay hair new product. This is this year the new-style breed of the another development after fiber of air conditioning of afterwards Mo Daier, OUTLAST. Changed manufacturing structure not only, and fill the blank of company plumule blending, extended new profit point of growth for the enterprise at the same time. In recent years, 3542 companies go science and technology to start the journey of the factory, pay attention to technical level to rise. Washed out content of a few technologies early or late low, the product with profit little space, stare at the look in natural environmental protection model, high-grade fabrics. To ensure cotton / the development of bay hair new product, technical Division held special subject meeting. To each workshop index of quality of each working procedure raised strict requirement, accomplish index, responsibility, task, assessment to arrive person. In process of research and development, chinese toon of chief engineer Martha guides technical personnel and workshop relevant personnel consulted together a large number of data, move ideas thinks way. To learn to be mixed advancedly wool technology is mixed how to use the issue such as antistatic agent, horse always not demit is careladen guide the personnel between the filature before technical ministry is mixed to go to " of nonlocal " go on a pilgrimage for Buddhist scriptures. After coming back, day and night experiment repeatedly, through changing technology ceaselessly, achieved blending to be mixed equably eventually prevented electrostatic generation, make try spin gain a success. Current, cotton / bay wool tries spun each quality index accord with the requirement, throwing production with mature technology. Literal size: [Big] [in] [small] author: Origin: Discharge  is troubled by  ?Copyright of net of Chinese cashmere industry and avoid duty statement:
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