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Contest is especially round-the-world and mechanical new-style wool answer wash

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Contest is especially round-the-world and mechanical (Qingdao) the LTT24/4/5 wool that limited company develops independently answer wash machine, passed the appraisal of achievement of science and technology that organizes by bureau of Qingdao city science and technology a few days ago. The expert thinks consistently, wool answer wash of machine overall function achieves international banner level. The fill of successful research and development of this equipment home market is blank, broke country high-grade answer the situation that washs equipment to count an import entirely, rise to urge action actively to the development of wool spinning industry.

LTT24/4/5 wool answer wash machine use design of pump type platen, have efficient lotion quantity of fluid flow, ensure lotion permeates wool layer, manufacturing efficiency is tall; Washing trough platen guides contain on roller with every prevent twine device, contain phonate and glow calls the police; Wool traversal speed is controlled accurately by electronic system, make wool pass with small pulling force answer washing trough, conduce to lotion permeating wool further; Use rolling-type drying technology, stoving is even, platen crisscross is arranged, increased the fiber that contacts with platen drying surface to measure, stoving efficiency is tall; Chemical auxiliary station controls system and system of electric equipment control through pneumatic, can ask to add auxiliary accurately in washing trough according to speed change and craft, auxiliary supply quantity is accurate, reliable. In addition, because used the tool of the high accuracy that machining center makes to be the same as arbor, answer inside washing trough pump, outside platen and washing trough coaxial are spent achieve consistent demand, assured the stability of machine function thereby.

LTT24/4/5 wool answer wash machine it is to surpass especially round-the-world company to use Kroy(to overcome fatigue dust) , Basolan(Ba Suolan) the fixture of wool spinning pre-treatment that processing technology is developed and becomes, apply to already colored wool, acrylic fibbers or polyester fibber answer wash craft, can have a variety of color hair at the same time answer wash. The expert thinks, this equipment has an operation degree of simple, automation tall, wool processing quality intensity of tall, labor the characteristic with low, tall efficiency, its energy-saving, liquid waste is discharged accord with national level.
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