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Cloth with soft nap of rice of moral character accept detects through the Chines

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Moral character is industrial (Taiyuan) cloth with soft nap of rice of accept of product of limited company high-tech passed the Chinese Academy of Sciences to detect. The expert thinks, the abb raw material after modified is handled namely Chinese Academy of Sciences of classics of accept rice cloth with soft nap is infra-red a collection of illustrative plates detects, its surface formed a few new chemistry base round, make thereby the function of accept rice cloth with soft nap and style more cloth with soft nap of incline to Yu Yang.

This company is aimed at the inadequacy of method of traditional abb modified, for acclimatization and the demand with healthy human body, retrieve an analysis through long-term market research and data, slam the door traditional modified method, use accept rice technology to handle abb fiber directly, undertook new exploration to abb modified. The company invites academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering to always coach for the project, with Taiyuan manage is versed in the synergic unit such as institute of material of university, swallow hill university is combined, undertake to fabric surface accept rice changes processing, changed fabric micromechanism. The ovine wool fibre that handles through technology of this kind of modified, will obtain mix than traditional modified method the effect that uses accept rice oar to expect processing is more exceedingly good directly. This will be a when abb modified studies new way, not only green environmental protection, also upgrade to spin fibrous transform, structural adjustment has important sense.

Moral character is industrial (Taiyuan) the moire structure that limited company uses accept rice to changed exterior modified technology to form abb fiber surface size of accept rice class or appearance difference, the 2 sulfur key in making abb fiber expresses cerebral cortex is defeated, make abb fiber surface is in steady state originally thereby a few base the group becomes more active, again chela combines the chemical material with good to human body other, make fiber become apparent learns base group happening changes. Come so, structure of abb fiber surface produced a change, feel slippery glutinous, close skin sex rises, attrition effect is reduced, felt changes systole to decrease, fight function having a ball to also rise apparently at the same time, those who make make healthy fiber. Rice of accept of abb fiber surface appears moirely, make the area comparing a list of fiber surface increases, take change of dormant airy ability, make the hydrophily that exceeds fine wool increases, easier moisture absorption, put wet, delicate change produced in comfortable sex and style respect, improved the comfortable sex of fabric and permeability greatly, make the burnish of fabric surface presents a subdued color that coordinates with nature.

Moral character is industrial (Taiyuan) limited company is acted on from beginning to end " textile of development green health, high grade of pursuit low cost " the research application that the tenet has new-style spin stuff. Set out from environmental protection and health, comply with international tide, seek ceaselessly can satisfy the client requirement to product function newly already, new-style to hurtless of human body health technology. Exceed rice of accept of fine wool surface to change modified to handle a technology, give priority to a problem with green environmental protection, very beneficial to maintaining ecological balance, have active sense to human body health at the same time, have very wide development perspective.
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