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Judge fountainhead auspicious development is permanent fight gauze of electrosta

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Have electrostatic case easily in the light of cashmere, judge development of auspicious cashmere group gave source of water permanent fight gauze of electrostatic cashmere knitting.
As we have learned, this kind of yarn uses a kind to be able to conduct the electric fiber of charge, the charge that because chafe,make and builds up to go up in the dress is conducted quickly come, achieve consequently permanent defy electrostatic result. Academy of science of spin of China of classics of its antistatic property checks a center to detect, charge volume is 0.2 μ C/ , this value is far the 0.6 μ C/ under national level, have good antistatic property. In the meantime, yarn of sex of this kind of function does not have any side-effect to human body, the nobility that does not break cashmere again is elegant, it is to advocate health care and the successful personage that high quality lives relatively the cashmere product of favour.
According to expert introduction, cashmere because fiber is light, short etc is immanent the reason such as the structure, resistance is greater than common fine wool, because chafe,charge is caused to be transferred between object surface in machine or taking a course. But cashmere fiber is report insulating material, because of the charge of this generation very difficult escape builds up to go up in fiber thereby, the result arises bigger electrostatic. Development fights electrostatic product is the difficult problem that company of production of goods of a lot of cashmere captures, judge auspicious cashmere group uses source of water the technology of oneself and raw material advantage obtain a breakthrough, this will bring considerable economic benefits for the enterprise.

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