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Heibei farming collects egg art Yo to become test tube goat with live body great

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Recently, the test tube goat that applies celiac lens live body to adopt egg technique -- " Qing Qing " , in Heibei agriculture college experiment grass is born smoothly. The expert thinks, this technology is helpful for digging the progenitive latent capacity of admirable dam adequately not only, to body outside " the factory is changed " the test tube cattle with manufacturing clear pedigree has important sense, and also be animal embryo clone, turn the embryonic biology technology such as gene, embryonic dry cell considered to provide rich experimental data and necessary research method.

As we have learned, the task series that by embryo of Heibei province flocks and herds college of agriculture of director of project technology research center, Heibei teachs Sang Runzi to lead obtains this positive result. This task group began 2005 at 2004 ~ from goat leaving put oneself in another's position ovarian (shambles goat is ovarian) get oocyte, in the lab the embryo outside having goat system produces research, built the embryonic technical platform outside body of goat of ovarian from body production. But, if apply afore-mentioned technical platform to produce the embryo outside body, embryonic pedigree is not clear, restricted the embryo outside the body of thoroughbred sheep to produce. Begin from 2006, this task group undertakes live body collects egg applied celiac lens, technology of combinative external fertilization produces the embryo outside the system with fair pedigree, experiment via relapsing, mastered this one skill basically. Produce the test tube goat below smoothly this to be fair kid, be born first weigh 3.2 kilograms, grow at present growth is good.

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