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Sheep of the 2nd clone is born in Tianjin

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All previous classics the be pregnant be pregnant with of 5 months, yesterday 14: 30 minutes, this city goat of Er of wave of clone of cell of the 2nd body in this city institute of vet of pasturage of farming division courtyard is planted ovine experiment base is born smoothly, this is afterwards world goats of first Er of embryonic clone wave " ferry is unripe " be born, turned March this year gene goat comes out, " ferry is unripe " after producing goat of Er of wave of clone of cell of first next boy-girl twins, body to come out, the major breakthrough that this city obtains again in animal clone domain. To mark hour of this one history, experts gift its very Orphean name -- " ferry Li " , meaning for " beautiful jasmine " .

Director of institute of poultry of courtyard of city farming division Dr. Ding Bailiang is evaluated, of goat of this Er of wave of clone of second body cell come out the mark is worn technology of clone of cell of body of this city animal achieved international advanced level, clone technology matures further and firm.

Yesterday afternoon, the reporter is planted in place of poultry of farming division courtyard ovine experiment base saw lively and lovely " ferry Li " , of nigger-brown " hair " , beautiful and sleek and huge ear, fluent curve, acceded completely to offer the feature of body sheep. According to project leader bang army doctor introduces, "Ferry Li " everything is normal when be born, weight 4.3 kilogram. Zhang Liping money is entered

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