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Fight the development of cloth of bacterium cashmere machine

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Rise along with what write the development of science and technology and living standard, people is higher and higher also to textile requirement. Besides have comfortable, recreational outside waiting for a feeling, still go after the hygiene function of textile. 為 the demand that gets used to the market, developed the series 產 such as scarf of fabrics of shirt of slub of the cashmere that fight bacterium, cashmere to taste especially. The 1 choice   that fights bacterium to arrange an agent uses at textile fight bacterium to arrange an agent to basically have season 銨 salt kind, salt of 銨 of organic silicon season, double guanidine kind, carapace element kind, inorganic kind with natural extract kind etc, among them carapace element kind, inorganic treatment of kind of the filature that mix be in harmony that refuses bacterium agent to basically be used at synthetic fibre, the others uses at natural fiber fabric hind arrange treatment. Fight bacterium to arrange technical difficulty bigger, the choice fights bacterium to arrange an agent to must consider factor of the following respects. Because bacterium, fungus and mould have different cellular structure, because this fights what onefold bacterium plants to fight bacterium to arrange an agent to have wide chart very hard to fight bacterium action, need to have wide chart to fight bacterium ability; to fight bacterium to arrange an agent must as firm as fiber union, have be able to bear or endure goodly catharsis sex and security; fight bacterium to arrange an agent to be like index of style, burnish, feel and each physics not to have big impact to each function of fabric, it is better to have namely take a sex. According to above principle, the course contrasts for many times, choose, chose China to spin what division courtyard develops to fight bacterium to arrange agent CTA - 732.   of the 2 mechanism that fight bacterium fights bacterium to arrange agent CTA - 732 it is compound of high polymer of salt of 銨 of organic silicon season, should arrange an agent but special apace is added in fabric surface, the cation gene graft that will have antiseptic property through arranging salt of 銨 of season of alkyl of the silicon on the agent is in fabric fiber surface, be united in wedlock with covalent bond with exterior fiber. Make cellular film of the bacterium is short of caustic when the surface that when bacterial bring into contact with silicon alkyl is in, osmotic increase, the afterbirth oar inside the cell leaks outside content, the synthesis of protein of block up bacterium, those who create system of albumen of bacterium body kernel is extinct, cause bacterial death thereby. Should fight bacterium to arrange an agent to fight bacterium effectiveness abiding, be able to bear or endure bath can amount to above 50 times, on the safe side, do not have action of exciting He Zhimin to human body skin, because the bacterium, mould, alga metamorphism that cause is mixed,can avoid fabric become angry problem. Cashmere of   of law of make friends of dip of   3 1 1 pulls the 3 affirmatory   that fight bacterium to arrange line of craft of 3 1 of craft     of wool scarf and fabrics of cashmere slub shirt fight bacterium to arrange use method of dip make friends, namely:   rancorring  burns 2 dip of? of  of rancorring  of  of  of  rancorring  2 make friends) → carbonadoes → bakes carbonado → brushs finished product of → of wool → decatizing. The need when arranging is in wet rectify and do whole to relapse for many times. 為 avoids auxiliary the deliquescent prediction of a person's luck in a given year in wet full treatment, protect 証 to arrange the effect, the agent that fight bacterium chooses to be joined in last wet whole process. Essence of cashmere of dipping process   of 3 1 2 is spun reach slub to shrink of scarf of cloth with soft nap fight bacterium to arrange use dipping process, namely:   basis of? of two of be apt to of  of Chu of Sha of  of otter of  of  of umbrella of Wei of  of  of castrate of spay of rancorring  of  of Bei of  of cluck of Li Qu  rising abruptly arranges agent CTA - the referenced dosage of 732, use respectively 20, 30, the dosage of the agent that fight bacterium of 40 g L has comparative test. Classics test, fabric fights bacterium to the effect increases along with what arrange agent dosage and increase by degrees, but dosage is too big, influential to fabric feel, because 30 g L can achieve the ideal result that fight bacterium, because this choice arranges agent dosage 為 30 g L. Soft water should be used when arranging, the impurity such as the calcium in avoiding water, magnesian ion is put indigestion at fabric surface the influence arranges the effect. 為 avoid to arrange the agent influence to fabric feel, softening agent is added in fighting bacterium to arrange, undertake to fabric softness is handled is the same as bath at the same time, can make an operation handy so. Because fight bacterium to arrange agent 為 cation model, cannot arrange an agent to be used with bath with anion, reason chooses FR of blame ion softening agent 8608. Softening agent and fight bacterium to arrange an agent to mix each other undertake one bath law is arranged, match fluid course: Blame → of? 5 water is joined fight bacterium to arrange agent CTA - 732(agitate) → is joined fight bacterium to arrange agent CTA - 732 → join 8608 → of softening agent FR to add water to ration (agitate) . The solution that has made up wants classics quiet place 24 h , without broken float phenomenon, even not statified, solution is stable. Pass a test for many times, 8608 dosage of FR of affirmatory finally softening agent 20 g of 為 L, soft effect is optimal, and do not affect the sex that fight bacterium. Fight bacterium to arrange agent CTA - 732 because reactivity is contained in its element structure base round, high polymer film can be become in condensation polymerization of the oneself below high temperature condition, but the temperature with produce reaction to need constant and time. Temperature is too low, time is too short, reaction is not complete, be able to bear or endure temperature of; of the difference that wash a gender is exorbitant, time is too long, criterion extensive of cloth cover damage is yellow. Classics experiment, drying of law of affirmatory dip make friends is used pull a dryer, 150 ℃ of bake temperature 為 , dipping process of; of n of i of 3 m m uses speed of a motor vehicle platen dryer, temperature 110 ℃ of 90 ~ , 10 m of time 為 i n . Seasonable drying wants after fabric is handled via arranging fluid, lest arrange agent happening migration. Law of dip make friends: ?73230 of abundant of boundless and indistinct g L, 860820 g of softening agent FR L, make friends fluid is led (2 dip 2 make friends) 70% ~ 80% , arrange fluid temperature 40 ℃ of 30 ~ , stoving temperature 110 ℃ of 80 ~ , bake 150 ℃ , 30 s . Dipping process: ) of f of w of o of?7323%(of abundant of boundless and indistinct, ) of f of w of o of 86082%(of softening agent FR, bath compares 1 ︰ 20, macerate 40 ℃ of 30 ~ , 30 m of 20 ~ i n , stoving (platen dryer) n of i of 110 ℃ of 90 ~ , 10 m .     the 4 function that fight bacterium detect   arranges agent CTA via fighting bacterium - the Chinese Academy of Scienceses of 732 deliver of fabric of cashmere abb blending that arrange detect the center undertakes fighting bacterium to detect, use standard of American AATCC 100-1999 to have a test. Chose to have representative bacterium to plant, namely coccus of golden yellow grape and pneumobacillus have a test, the result sees a table 1. Express the 1 test fighting bacterium that refuses bacterium to arrange an agent to detect as a result the project trains time / H sample amount / piece curb bacterium is led (coccus of grape of %) golden color (ATCCNO.6538)193100 pneumobacillus (ATCCNO.4352)19499.8   from inside the watch knowable, fight bacterium to arrange an agent to all have curb bacterium effect to coccus of golden yellow grape and pneumobacillus, and curb bacterium rate is very high. 5 conclusionThe feedback of experimental result and travelling merchant makes clear, fighting bacterium to arrange the choice of the agent is appropriate. Craft is more mature, experimental result is stable, and the environment monitors qualification, not 產 is unripe 3 useless. The course fights the cashmere goods that bacterium liquidates, what withheld cashmere already is qualitative light, silky, stretch good, warmth retention property is advanced and characteristic, wait for bacterial virus to have inhibition to coccus of golden yellow grape, pneumobacillus again, do not have any allergic reaction to the skin at the same time, accord with American AATCC standard.

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