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Cervine king cashmere: Make good product, achieve good reputation

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Limited company of cashmere of king of Inner Mongolia deer is by " Lu Wangyang cloth with soft nap (group) company " turn after making, the still gives priority to course of study with improvement trade of cashmere spin garment business that registers afresh. . W5 # R&J7 R3 E/ C$ _

1 only then was built 1985 " cervine king " , it is one of great achievements that our country reforming and opening and breed of resource of Inner Mongolia cashmere go. Through 20 do poineering work for years, "Cervine king " the platform of business of mainstay of industry of garment of spin of cashmere of compose building China; Make the brand of cashmere spin dress that gives celebrated throughout the country. Now, "Cervine king " have year of treatment 5 million cashmere and blending needle are woven the ability of dress dress. With this form a complete set before working procedure productivity is the cloth with soft nap that do not have wool and wool of fiber of Mu of bay general the base of a fruit 1000 tons, wide choice spins yarn of cloth with soft nap 1000 tons, woven fabrics 1 million meters. The international mainstream market such as the 85% exit United States of total output, European Union, Japan and Korea, year exit delivery cost is in 80 million to 100 million dollar. Outside dividing Baotou base, the business that still is in Inner Mongolia the Madagascar country of county and abroad and Mongolia country create a company, area of equestrian island corporation expects improvement trade ability already achieved 1.5 million. "Cervine king " trade head office is set in Beijing, 23 branches and agency are established to reach hundreds to sell in each district.

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Current, cervine king already passed ISO9001, ISO14001 and clean production attestation; Cervine king brand is maintained to be " Chinese well-known logo " , its product is judged to be " product of Chinese famous brand " , " the country avoids check product " , " the exit name tagvisiting card that the key is bred and develops " , it is enterprise of bibcock of industrialization of national level agriculture all the time.

C! ? S     since 2004, make through changing twice recombine, better land solved cervine king equity diversity and the problem with industrial integrated catenary, new on system mechanism coruscate gives birth to machine and vigor. Nowadays, lu Wangzheng devotes oneself to with " sincere letter, responsibility, innovation, revitalize, surmount " the construction of the company culture that is core content; Devote oneself to conformity to promote core competition ability, develop to big dress domain, accelerate own brand " go " , form the brand strategy with complementary commerce of a kind of inside and outside carry out; Devote oneself to to guaranty pledges and promote a brand through making a standard, turning into Lu Wangzhen " scientific progress " , " build harmony in all " the contemporary business that can expand continuously.

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