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Aloe protects wet cashmere sweater to arrange a technology to obtain appraisal

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Shaanxi saves hall of science and technology to organized concerned expert recently, the Shaanxi province science and technology that company of finite to century garment is being taken in Xi'an project university and Inner Mongolia liability assumes tackles key problem plan project " Lu Hui protects the wet cashmere sweater that protect skin to arrange a technology to consider " had identification of achievement of science and technology. The experts of appraisal committee think, overall technology level achieves project positive result domestic banner level.

According to introducing, this project uses aloe noodles or vermicelli made from bean or sweet potato starch characteristic to the health care of human body, use oily detached technique, preparation aloe small capsule. In the meantime, analysed the effect of preparation material and craft to small capsule structure, research decided bead diameter distributinging concentration, the craft of small capsule preparation with average bead lesser diameter. Study the design went out to arrange manufacturing technology next, use dipping process to undertake to cashmere fabric Lu Hui is protected wet arrange.

Prove via examining, the cashmere sweater after arranging is in40 ℃, below condition of 90 % RH with20 ℃, the poor value that the difference of the hygroscopicity below condition of 65 % RH is more than the hygroscopicity that did not arrange cashmere sweater to fall in similar requirement.

Expert attending the meeting thinks consistently, this research project is in craft is arranged to design a respect to innovate somewhat after preparation of aloe small capsule is mixed, respect of additional to raising cashmere fabric to take function and product cost has real sense. Anyhow, this achievement has better economic benefits and social beneficial result. The Lu Hui that experts still suggest to study development suits all sorts of underwear further protects skin to arrange a technology, enlarge its scope of application, accelerate achievement to popularize pace.

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