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"China International Cashmere Fair" frequently highlights

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Recently, the China International Cashmere Trade Fair was held in Beijing. This is a comprehensive coverage of international cashmere industry chain exhibition event, the CFNA's leading commercial and international trade fair organizer CMP organized to work together. CFNA Yang Shengjun, vice president of China's cashmere industry in the international role to make the following assessment: "The exhibition comes to China is an inevitable choice. China is a real cashmere big country of the world's raw cashmere production 75%; more than 90% of cashmere raw material to complete the initial processing in China. China and other regions in Inner Mongolia excellent climatic conditions, can produce the most detailed and best quality cashmere. In addition, the global consumer market Cashmere 3 / 4 more goods from China. " During the exhibition held a series of colorful activities, including by the Hong Kong Textile and Apparel Research and Development Director Dr. He Jichao speaker of the "Workshop on cashmere knitwear manufacturing technology" project, and "Cashmere Quality Forum" and "sustainable Development Conference "organized by the international community and the responsibility of certification of leading enterprises in the textile dyeing and Intertek 瑞士亨斯迈 (Tianjin) Quality Technology Services Limited support. Social Accountability International Certification Organization's senior vice president Yu Qi Zheng said the forum is to cashmere industry in the quality of the entire supply chain, production technology, improve quality and other issues to find solutions, "Sustainable Development Conference" to promote the productivity of the cashmere industry increased and long-term sustainable development. 7 speakers on sustainable fashion, sustainable industry and sustainable trade and other issues analysis. Another key feature of the exhibition "Global cashmere color" display area, the color of the organizers and the French Committee of the International Committee Secretary-General OliverGuillemin color in the common plan, revealed nine exclusive fashion elements of cashmere and cashmere are China Famous Brand - - Saussurea exclusive sponsorship. Active participation of many industry leaders China International Cashmere Fair, including: Erdos, snow lotus, WidSets, large roots, St.edenweiss, in silver, spring, three friends of Zhejiang, east of the original forest, Shuanghe, Intertek and Huntsman and so on. Cashmere comes from the famous production base of China - Tongxiang Qinghe of most of the businesses have to join us.
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