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Nepalese cashmere exit drops

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As we have learned, because Nepalese cashmere goods lacks designation of trade marks and quality to supervise, below the competition of circumjacent country product, already lost major international market.

Go a few years, exit of Nepalese cashmere product drops quickly, 2000~2001 money year, nepalese cashmere exports the forehead to be 7.5 billion rupee, and present exit forehead is 1.5 billion rupee only.

To recapture lost market share, nepalese cashmere association is registering cashmere goods trademark, establish code of conduct to supervise an orgnaization, give corresponding penalty to cannot abiding by the enterprise of criterion. Aoga of secretary of The Ministry of Commerce and Industry emphasizes the Buddhist nun, must restrain an enterprise to ensure product quality through code of conduct.

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