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Current situation of Chinese cashmere industry nots allow hopeful

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Held at Nanjing a few days ago " peak of brand of Chinese cashmere mainstream is met " on, the Chinese cashmere industry that attend the meeting the high level of enterprise of brand of more than 40 mainstreams thinks generally, development of Chinese cashmere estate nots allow hopeful.

Industrial current situation nots allow hopeful

"China exported every cashmere sweater 2007 average price is only 30. 58 dollars, amount to RMB only 200 multivariate. " the Zhen Hu side vice-chairman of chamber of commerce of imports and exports of livestock of Chinese food earth gives out on the meeting a group of such data. The course develops for years, chinese cashmere industry had had the actual strength that comparative, but export price did not rise not only, compete as a result of the market low end that grow in intensity instead bring about Chinese cashmere sweater to export the price to go low continuously.

1996, price of export of every Chinese cashmere sweater is achieved 37. 89 dollars, glide ceaselessly later. Appreciate to fall with the double pressure of domestic inflation in the RMB this year, 1, the exit of Chinese cashmere sweater is average and monovalent May it is only 32. 5 dollars, fail to regain the level 1996.

Cashmere crop of China occupies the 75% above of global total output, among them high grade cashmere wool occupies 90% above, export volume takes the whole world 80% above, the commodity that world cashmere consumes the market to have 4 above of 3 / is produced from China. Company of many 2000 cashmere dominated the whole world actually the cashmere raw material of 93% .

Have forestall advantage, is goods of our country cashmere exported however why cheap?

The brand is short of break become deadly hurt

Current, the cashmere product that China of market of international cashmere goods thering is no lack of makes, but the high-end domain of this one market is rarely seen however Chinese brand.

Group of cloth with soft nap of much Si Yang of Er of another name for Hubei province carries out president Zhang Zhi to think, the consumptive group of cashmere goods and sale channel onefold, product is coessential changing interior of serious, industry to compete without foreword is industry of our country cashmere the stumbling block of forward progress, but the brand is short of breaking is prime cause.

The cashmere product that China exports is major with " the production that stick a card " the identity enters an international market, register Chinese trademark truly not as good as 10% . Chinese cashmere industry became the job shops of foreign company raw material and product actually.

"Of the brand be short of the deadly injury that breaking is Chinese cashmere course of study. " Bian Zhenhu expresses.

In Chen Tao of president of Inc. of lotus of earthy cultivate snow points out, "In the value catenary of trade of global spin garment, china is in lowermost end almost, cashmere industry is reflected particularly apparent, what China acts is the part that goods of big country of cashmere raw material, cashmere produces big country. Own brand construction will become Chinese cashmere industry to be on international scenic the only way truly. "
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