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Wu Lanhao builds division of trade of abb of northeast the biggest cashmere espe

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<Since this year, grand of Inner Mongolia black orchid is special government of municipal Party committee, environs around breed area of big garden of big industry, construction this all target, increase pair of downy fur markets further give aid to strength, put forward to strive to use 3 years time, make of cashmere, abb, fur year trade the quantity achieves 2000 tons respectively, 10 thousand tons mix 1 million pieces, a surname the market makes nap of put up the shutters of city of Lan Hao spy be northeast area hard area of the biggest, whole nation's famous garden of downy fur improvement trade.
Wu Lanhao is special market of nap of city put up the shutters from 1997 initiative form up to now, guide through the government, commercialize run, already company of group of Zhejiang precious shellfish waits for enterprise of fur improvement trade of nap of Home 3 5 to enter town, cashmere, abb, fur year trade the quantity achieves 800 tons respectively, mix 500 thousand pieces 6000 tons, year trade the forehead amounts to 400 million yuan. Current, market of nap of put up the shutters has made the downy market with northeast the biggest area, wool, cloth with soft nap, fur buys radiation area of whole Meng Dong and northeast area of 3 provinces part, the product basically sells past Henan, Heibei, Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Beijing, Huhhot, Baotou, E Er much this wait for province, city, it is certain to be enjoyed in countrywide congener market famous spend and consequence.

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