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Line of business of 2008 China cashmere is main inflection point comes

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Cashmere is garment industry " gold armour " , on body of a mature goat, can collect the 10 cashmere to 40 grams every year only, weave a cashmere sweater to need 3 ~ 5 sheep " devote " .

Prices is rising year after year, the cashmere industry that can be China appeared however strange phenomenon, 10 years exit social status does not rise a cashmere sweater to fall instead, and land cost rises, the RMB appreciates wait for adverse element to be in again step by step press hard on, press press of enterprise both ends.

Burning hot by July, domestic cashmere industry is in charge of Nanjing of assemble of manager of company of branch, bibcock, hold peak of brand of Chinese cashmere mainstream to meet, discuss " broken ice " road.

Element has 3 big " burner " the Nanjing that say, in July this fervent season issued heavy rain, held in Nanjing on July 31 " peak of brand of Chinese cashmere mainstream is met " also be the cashmere industry in predicament delivers a timely rain.

"China is made " because own brand is short of,be broken and in the international market " hand in fertilizer to stay thin " , already not was news. But, have when element " soft gold " , " fiber diamond " the international experience of the Chinese cashmere goods of good name is placed before when, still make a person shocking. On July 31, chamber of commerce of imports and exports of livestock of Chinese food earth 5 " country the name " the unit is held in Nanjing " peak of brand of Chinese cashmere mainstream is met " , the information hair person that forum comes out is thoughtful.

The Chinese cashmere industry that attend the meeting the high level of enterprise of brand of more than 40 mainstreams thinks generally, the development foreground of Chinese cashmere industry nots allow hopeful.

Place of chairman of chamber of commerce of imports and exports of livestock of earth of food of China of no less than Mr Huo Jianguo says in that way, personage of company high level explores cashmere brand to found jointly, the general character problem that in extending a process, encounters, it is the common law that how discovers cashmere industry brand develops.

Chinese cashmere resource occupies global monopoly position, company of production of many 2000 cashmere dominated the whole world actually the cashmere raw material of 93% , year cashmere sweater of produce and sale many 4000, crop takes the whole world 75% above. But, china exported cashmere sweater 2007 every all valence has 30.58 dollars only, amount to RMB is only 200 multivariate.

Should say, chinese cashmere goods regards the most top class natural spin raw material as the experience in the international market, export spin to China dress and even " China is made " meaning of example thering is no lack of.

"The brand is reliable product quality not just, even literate prop up, brand management, and these enterprises that are us never encounter " , in Chen Tao of president of share of lotus of earthy cultivate snow says frankly. Regard countrywide cashmere industry as mark sex brand, zhang Zhi of executive president of group of cloth with soft nap of much Si Yang of Er of another name for Hubei province combs those who gave cashmere brand a variety of exterior restrict an element: The industry did not form integral join forces to defy international to buy the price negotiation of the hand, the product is single, coessential change competition to be waited a moment badly.
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