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Expert appeal: Cashmere brand builds no time to delay

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Our country is the biggest cashmere production country on the world and exit country, world cashmere consumes the market to the commodity of 4 above of 3 / produces ego country. But industry of our country cashmere lies from beginning to end however " contribution is large, be benefited small " awkward position, be in all the time in the bargain ability of the international market low-level wander, for this --

  Recently, knit an industry by wool spinning of chamber of commerce of imports and exports of textile of chamber of commerce of imports and exports of livestock of Chinese food earth, China, China animal produce of chamber of commerce, China is current municipal government of association, Nanjing sponsor jointly " peak of brand of Chinese cashmere mainstream is met " hold in Nanjing. On the meeting, at present in the light of our country cashmere goods exports the price value of extremely low, product is underestimated badly, interior of relatively onefold, industry does not have consumptive group and sale channel the current situation that foreword competes, delegate of enterprise of brand of dress of cashmere attending the meeting and expert think consistently, "Cashmere brand construction had arrived the degree of no time to delay. "Cashmere brand construction had arrived the degree of no time to delay..

   Soft gold is cheap exit

  "The value that Chinese cashmere goods did not reflect cashmere truly " , the Zhen Hu side vice-chairman of chamber of commerce of imports and exports of livestock of Chinese food earth says, "China exported every cashmere sweater 2007 average price is only 30. 58 dollar, amount to RMB only 200 multivariate. Amount to RMB only 200 multivariate..

   Through 20 old rapid development, industry of our country cashmere had had the actual strength that comparative, the cashmere sweater of the company of cashmere deep treatment with nearly 1000 differ dimensions year productivity has exceeded 40 million. Cashmere exports a structure to already gave priority to goods of cloth with soft nap of fast Xiang Yang to transform from raw material, our country exported cashmere and product 2007 15. 700 million dollar, among them, cashmere goods exit is occupied 83 % , but export price did not rise not only, compete as a result of the market low end that grow in intensity instead bring about cashmere sweater to export the price to go low continuously.

   1996, price of export of every Chinese cashmere sweater is achieved 37. 89 dollar, glide ceaselessly later. Appreciate to fall with the double pressure of domestic inflation in the RMB this year, 1 - the exit of Chinese cashmere sweater is average and monovalent May it is only 32. 5 dollar. "Enter 2008, show in countrywide prices rise below the circumstance of the trend, serve as alone only ' soft gold ' cashmere is in depreciate, each segment profit of cashmere industry catenary are scanty do not have profit space even. " Hao Xukuan shows president of group of dimension letter cashmere.
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