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Of common fabrics view Chinese and English contrast

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Indigotic youth cloth: Indigo Chambray

Flocking of person cotton cloth: Rayon Cloth Flocking

Pvc flocking: Pvc Flocking

Knitting cloth flocking: Knitting Cloth Flocking

Bead bead cloth with soft nap: Claimond Veins

Pour wool: Down Pile Making

Panne: Velveteen (velvet-plain)

Copy chamois: Micro Suede

Bull-puncher skin flocking: Jeans Flocking

Silk spins the Buddhist nun: Nylon Taffeta (nylon Shioze)

Seersucker of nylon tower husband: Nylon Seersucker Taffeta

Element face flocking: Plain Flocking

Printing flocking: Flocking(flower)

Vulture imprints flocking: Embossing Flocking

Flocking of leather channel bottom: Leather Imitation Flocking

Bull-puncher flocking carve imprints: Embossing Jeans Flocking

Hare cashmere woollen overcoating: Angora Cachmere Overcoating

Abb is double-faced: Double-faced Woolen Goods

Establish cloth with soft nap: Cut Velvet

Suitable wool: Over Coating

Tweed: Costume Tweed

Bounce: Lycra Woolen Goods

Tower velvet: Nylon Taslon

Tower velvet grid: N/taslon Ripstop

Peach skin fine hair: Polyester Peach Skin

Cleanse tower husband: Polyester Taffeta

Chun Ya spins: Polyester Pongee

Exceed fine Maikebu: Micro Fiber

Bright and beautiful cotton is stiff (tabby) : Nylon-cotton Fabric (Plain)

Heavy Ping Jinmian is stiff: Nylon-cotton-cotton Fabric(double Weft)

Person handwriting bright and beautiful cotton spinning: Nylon-cotton Fabric

Cotton spinning of twill bright and beautiful: Nylon-cotton Fabric (twill)

Plain coloured velvet: Solid Velvet

Sprout grinds Mao Tian goose down: Rib Fleece Velvet

Snowflake is velvet: Melange Velvet

Cotton ginning is velvet: Ginning Velvet

Bead bead flannelette: Pellet Fleece Velvet

Cloth of hemp cotton blending: Linen/cotton Blended Fabric

Hemp cotton hands in weaving: Linen/cotton Mixed Fabric

Cloth of plain dyed towel: Solid Terry

Ant cloth: Fleece In One Side

Plain coloured the cloth that guard the clothes: Solid Fleece

Fishnet cloth: Fleece

Striped single jersey: Color-stripes Single Jersey

T/r bounce cloth: T/r Bengaline

T/c color weaves grid cloth: T/c Solid Check Fabric
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