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Cashmere reachs its character, the choose and buy of cashmere sweater, catharsis

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Cashmere reachs its character

Cashmere wool is to grow cuticular outside the goat layer, attack by surprise grows the nap of a delicacy of wool root ministry in the goat, grow when the chill that enter a winter,

Fall off gradually when spring is calefacient. It and abb and other fiber photograph are compared, have fine, soft, slippery glutinous, lightsome, heat preservation,

Burnish downy, elastic force is powerful wait for character, offsetted the weakness with abb massiness, wide acerbity, stretch difference, great washing shrinkage, in the world

Be known as " fiber diamond " , " soft gold " .

The choose and buy of cashmere sweater

Of cashmere sweater choose to basically be mixed from impressions two respects have feel

1, impressions: See color shining; Fleece-faced size whether moderate, fleece-faced too big, have a ball easily, fleece-faced

Small, criterion feel is poor; Look again get model symmetrical; Seam flat.

2, feel: With hand feeling, experience its feel is rich and stretch, if have wide acerbity feeling, the likelihood contains other

Fiber, or it is cloth with soft nap pledges poorer, and the reason with craft defective processing. Because itself is fineness,wear move and protective cashmere fine, fiber is short,

Puissant wait for defect as abb, accordingly, when dress, want special attention to avoid to wait for clothings with good thing, coarse cloth, chemical fibber long

Grind, prevent to be contacted with caustic material. Especially the dress of cashmere pants, avoid by all means energetically drag, do acuteness exercise, lest take off,cover,

Punch, have a ball. Had better be close-fitting dress.

Catharsis and deposit

Cashmere is acid-proof not alkali resistance, appropriate uses neuter lotion, had better use cashmere sweater special scour. Water is warm maintain in 30 ℃ - of 40 ℃

Between; The left and right sides immerses 5 minutes when catharsis, knead gently next pressure, knead of not usable force is pigheaded wring and use washing machine catharsis, lest cause cloth with soft nap

The area is too large, ball or felt are changed since, squeeze with the hand after catharsis work or swing with washing machine dry load net bag, hang in air of ventilated and dry place or booth to make the same score

Dry in the shade, cannot hang down hang air to bask in, lest be out of shape, iron with steam electric iron after air very hot, fight lukewarm 120 ℃ - 140 ℃ , cashmere sweater is used afore-mentioned square

After code model catharsis, not shrink, changeless form, do not fade. When collecting, must catharsis, air, iron iron out is full, had folded load

Inside the box.

Other note:

Cashmere sweater is in when be being worn first, general meeting has the ball since longitudinal, usable scissors gently annihilate, avoid by all means is dragged with hand drag, lest destroy fine
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