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The character of cashmere

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- cashmere because crop is exiguous (hold total output of world animal fiber only 0.2% ) , quality is fine, price is considered with the gram in trading, be considered as by people " fiber is lapidary " , " fiber empress " , be called again consequently " soft gold " .

As a result of the limitation of geographical condition, cashmere wool produces country of alive bound minority only. Our country is the buck of the biggest cloth with soft nap on the world and country of cashmere wool production. 60% what cashmere wool crop holds world total output, produce the cashmere with the best quality on the world.

Pan Gu group cheats Cuba to a man of virtual and ability nub alliance owns 1 million mus of improved land inside, use as partly among them of goat of improved cloth with soft nap raise base.

Limited company of biological product of subordinate of Pan Gu group uses gene technology, already measured a cloth with soft nap of goat of cloth with soft nap by 150-200g/ . Year increase 400-450g/ . Year, the development that is cashmere industry offerred enough raw material to assure.

The character of cashmere:

The cashmere that slips gently

Cashmere fiber is a lot of thinner than abb, outer scale is closer than abb also, smooth, accordingly, weight light, soft, tenacity is good. Suit to make underwear particularly, when close-fitting dress, light, soft, soft, slippery, very comfortable, any fiber can not are likened to. Pan Gu cashmere used a large number of tall, new technologies in make, the incisively and vividly of the characteristic play of cashmere.

Warm cashmere

Cashmere is a root fine and bent fiber, contain a lot of air among them, form air layer, can defence of outside cold air invade, withhold temperature won't bring down. Because it is very fine, arrange in spinning weaving accordingly very close together, although be in a world of ice and snow, the warm metropolis of cashmere makes you love not to leave a body. If the cashmere sweater of Pan Gu card of main beam element strengthened heat preservation character not only, more entered sanitarian function, one garment is multi-purpose, those who satisfy you is multilayer need.

Downy cashmere

The facial expression of cashmere is natural and high, those who have height is hygroscopic, dye is absorbed adequately by fiber, it is better that at the same time cashmere compares quality of effect of coloring of other fibrous hand-me-down, once chromatically hind fades not easily. Cashmere is the animal fiber that is close to what at present the mankind discovers most with human body skin, the cashmere sweater of Pan Gu card that adds dye of green environmental protection has good endophilicity, dress hind stimulates your skin anything but.

Comfortable model cashmere

The feel of cashmere is very good, dress rises very comfortable, the flexibility that the reason depends on cashmere is very good. Cashmere still has good reductive character, a lot of cashmere goods have drape a bit like business suit of cashmere sweater, cashmere, coat, skirt, should hang only one in the evening, can restorable. Cashmere compares woolen another advantage is not shrink, easy finalize the design, cashmere sweater already had the Pan Gu that has managed through strict technical divisions to finalize the design goodly the effect, ask you to be at ease dress. At the same time we have good after service job, can make you complete do not have trouble back at home.
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