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1, usually dry-clean, also but the hand is washed;

---2, it is good before washing to estimate size of bust, height, sleeve length estimate size of bust, height, sleeve length first record, will in break up and whether does the examination have serious and smudgy, if have,make good mark;

---3, divide evenly of the agitate in putting special lotion into 35oC water puts the cashmere sweater that already soaked immerse 15-30 after minute, in the key smudgy place and collarband cuff use the lotion with high concentration, adopt squeeze kneaded methodological catharsis, the others place is patted gently knead; If be stained with law of coffee, fruit and hematic be soiled to wait, should send special cleaners and dyers catharsis;

---4, jacquard weave or polychromatic cashmere sweater are unfavorable immerse, the cashmere sweater of different color also shoulds not be one case catharsis, lest staining of colour.

---5, control clear water full with 30oC, after be being washed clean, can press softening agent of form a complete set demonstrative quantity to be put, feel will be better.

---6, squeeze the water inside the cashmere sweater after washing piece, put string bag to be in the dehydration canister of washing machine dehydration.

---7, spreading tile of the cashmere sweater after dehydration the table that has towelling coverlet to go up, estimate original size with feet, arrange archetypal dry in the shade with the hand, suspension of avoid by all means explodes bask in;

---8, after dry in the shade, in can be being used lukewarm (140oC is controlled) vapour comforts level off is very hot, comfort a bottle of space that leaves 0.5-1cm with cashmere sweater, avoid by all means is pressed above, if comfort with other,fight must fill up wet towel.

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