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One has not at traditional textile epochal

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Be here when you, be in personally like the colour with that group of calm and soft groups, cloud elegant feeling yarn universal time, the gather that you discover to that is a character adds vogue is shown, you ponder over if here, can have the summary of a different common, that is -- ,

On September 22, 2003, shanghai SpinExpo exhibits world of a hunderd schools on meeting gather and China's most crackajack yarn to produce business, showed the yarn product that provides originality most, having the combination of the different composition raw material of special rule, through the processing of creativity, have different to pledge Chang Pengsong, gently, soft feel, and the exterior appears delicate, costly and be different from before additional kind of style. Product of the path before such spin, represented spin garment industry again a what kind of times? Expert of Italian spin bound, crackajack advisory ManuelGigot says or state with certainty: One has not at traditional textile epochal began!

Contemporary spin is

Of current life style reflect

This is the times of an Internet, the world had all-time close tie, more crises appear, and experience and experience will be extensive for transmission, more people are participated in more quickly share, experience is expeditionary become people to need with stimulation, healthy life is human pursuit more. Accordingly, help people realize comfortable, healthy, fresh, exciting, fashionable lifestyle to become the target of spin industry.

The happening of 11 incident of 9 · , it is to make people ponder over the life on a new level more, fashionable to lying fallow pursuit is more pressing, muti_function to professional fractionize requirement is more. The rhythm of fashionable popularity is accelerated, make spin dress must keep get rid of the stale and bring forth the fresh. The athletic addition in the deal in the life, requirement spin dress fits athletic need. The assault of SARS, make people height takes textile of sex of sanitarian antibacterial function seriously. People asks to textile valence cheap and provide multiple functional solution.

Because textile is nodded at be faced with the key of multiple turn here. Progress of science and technology is integrated science of raw material, life, IT, make product development and application also enter a new era. These new elements are ecbolic the new product that gives spin dress to suit new way of life, also create issue vigor character, rich stretch base, the spin dress that is not common tradition means makes new way. The industry must be sought accordingly and investment development is new made changing means.

Innovate only then at industrial catenary before path

-- , yarn and fiber raw material

In a such lifestyle regnant below, of textile change will begin from foremost path. Challenging new raw material is the optimal program that people resolves all sorts of brand-new demands probably. Then, all sorts of confluence more vigor and interactive raw material is born. Spin raw material becomes the basis of a series of new application, offer qualitative the multiple character of light, defence, comfortable, function. New fiber appears in succession, from replace fibrous of ammonia of polyester of scent a group of things with common features to exceed strong fiber, go to what with getting together third hands in ester acid to be a foundation but regenerated fiber. New raw material gathers to imitate a technology to give new tactile impression for fundamental creation with biology, textile can imitate the tactility of lotus leaf and beetle even. New raw material is a foundation with active drug, conformity fights poison of chemical, bacteriological, disease-resistant to learn. Textile makes the raw material that provides character of medicines and chemical reagents accordingly, become be just as pharmacy to synthesize the new fiber like to make.
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