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Let science and technology and vogue pull a catenary of long long industry

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Although the person energy of life of division of clothing of international of the 5th Jiangsu drops somewhat, its exhibit meeting influence and its located spin dress to save positional difference greatly apparent, but in professional personage or the gain that can reflect new science and technology from a batch of preeminent companies, from " of Jiangsu most " the trend of popular fabrics is released in, feel the billow wave that to domain of dress of domestic and international spin new product competes.

The chemical fibber that Jiangsu develops, textile offerred good industry to rely on for the development of dress, make should save dress to produce per year quantity, sale, profit front row of row whole nation, make garment industry most one of areas that develop.

One batch is like Jiangsu the company of large dress group such as health rich group, Shun day group, Su Hao group, sunshine group, sea billows group, elegant deer group, form " on dimensions, high quality " " revive clique " the backbone backbone of dress. Category of Jiangsu dress production is at present all ready, eider down, shirt, suit, bull-puncher, jacket, dust coat, sportswear, suit, fashionable dress, childen's garments all has an advantage. Jiangsu saved dress gross to be 1.374 billion 2002, occupy the 15.66 % of countrywide gross, grow 13.37 % than last year, outlet of complete province clothing is achieved collect 5.648 billion dollar, grow 9.47 % than last year.


Will taste well-known American Du Bang company in order to study innovation, development is new for years, be in the American cotton company of fashionable domain control the forces of nature all the time, do not agree to let off the opportunity that in this China promotion of base of the biggest spin tastes newly.

Face aggressive of foreign person of the same trade " lane is wet " offensive, face Zhejiang enterprise of chemical fibber of a few civilian battalion " destroy appearance is changed inside several years " threaten, chinese petrifaction appearance asks for chemical fibber what what have no before is new taste battle array and halfback figure, the professional dominant position that stresses its to not allow to oppugn in the research of polymer and manufacturing respect, obtained enthusiastic echo.

Fight ultraviolet dacron fiber to regard a kind of exceedingly good reflection fine as material, can get used to knitting, woven blending, odd Ma to spin treatment technology; Apply to the circumstance that everything and sunshine contact directly, can make cap of sunshade, awning, sunshade, babushka, curtain, tent; Also can make underwear, T-shirt, coat, swimsuit, kit wait.

Bizarre dacron is function more exceedingly good: The anion below natural condition produces a function, a large number of anion that release naturally, can make all round air holds new position, be helpful for the metabolism of human body thereby; The function blasts off outside the Yuan Gong below normal temperature, circulate through promoting human body blood, adjust circular function, have the effect of heat preservation invigorate the circulation of blood; Still can dispel flavour, fight bacterium. Its cotton reach hollow model fiber, can use as dress ready-made clothes. Many enterprises choose his to do sanitarian underwear, bedding and inserts of insulated cold wear; Still be used at things of medical treatment spin to mix of the room that make, railroad car or cabin inside adornment material.
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