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Essence of life spins aba to defend 5 kinds of methods that felting arranges

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One, chloridize / colophony handles a way

Chloridize / it is current that shrinkproof of He Ke spy handles technology the widest wool wool prevent felting to handle technology. Its principle is to be based on element of protein of part of fiber cutin layer to be oxidized degradation. In water the element of these dissolubility can recruit many water member and make corneous layer expands with bate, form aspic jelly to pledge consequently, make the osculatory area between scale increases, the suitable, coefficient of friction that goes against scale all increases, but the poor decrescent of two coefficient of friction, namely directional attrition effect is abate, bring about woolen felting function to fall Zhi. This kind of method can up to mark, fabric feel is better also. But abb easy extensive is yellow, the shade change that cause is big, adverse also to handling consistency and uniformity.

2, alone colophony handles a way

Can achieve with law of alone colophony processing machine the shrinkproof agent that can wash a standard, the use with Bayer Synthappret BAP is most extensive. Look from the structure, epoxy resin kind action, not be the structure that changes abb fiber face, produce cross-linking with scale however, rise the brim wrap up of scale thereby, obtain prevent felting effect goodly. Get together ammoniac fat colophony is the most commonly used kind in preventing felting to arrange at present. Foreign brand has BAP and WAR, but the price is high. This kind of hot reaction get together the shrinkproof of ammoniac fat, reduced the directional attrition effect of fiber surface already, prevented the mutual shift between fiber again. Use alone colophony processing technique, accord with IWS machine to be able to wash a standard, can comparative the wearability that the earth improves fabric and sex having a ball, make the dimension stability of fabric has very big rise. But feel is poorer.

3, oxidation / colophony handles a way

Too vitriolic (H2SO5) serves as a kind of active component to use as since 60 time shrinkproof processing, it won't float yellow, and lesser to coloring shade influence. After fabric has used sulfate to handle, ability of aftertreatment of sulphurous acid natrium must be used to get the effect is mixed preventing felting below alkalescent condition increase fabric to be opposite resinous affinity. Accordingly, after oxidation is handled, using aftertreatment of sulphurous acid natrium is very important. Oxidation / colophony craft does not have chlorine or halide discharge, fit environmental protection requirement.

4, plasma handles a way

Discharge processing shows plasma, efflux engraves the processing technique such as discharge of corrode, corona normally. Plasma technology has very great progress in the application in abb shrinkproof. Many active particle is contained in plasma, mix like element of electron, ionic, metastable state atomic, freedom radical, photon. The particle of scientific research sex that these have enough energy can produce quarter corrode with abb surface action and introduce contain effect of polar group of oxygen, nitric. If again colophony of dip make friends, make colophony is enclothed equably in fiber surface, farther abate woolen is directional attrition effect, thereby can more apparent ground reduces fabric felting liability.
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